2019 Buckeye Classic Sale

Zeinstra Farms Volume Buyer at Buckeye Classic

This year’s Buckeye Classic Sale was held on March 28 at the Expo Center on the Ohio State Fairgrounds in Columbus, Ohio. Held in conjunction with the Ohio Spring Dairy Expo, the event has been one of the landmark activities of the Buckeye Dairy Club since it was first held in 1981. Though the sale got a start with Holsteins, Jerseys and Guernseys began being offered in 1994. This year, 19 Jersey lots sold for an average of $1,231.58.


The volume Jersey buyer, Zeinstra Farms LLC, Shelbyville, Mich., purchased the two high sellers. The dairy bought the high-seller, JX SHJ Got Maid Dori {6}-ET, for $2,800. From the same cow family as the early genomic standout, Pearlmont Impuls Daffy, the five-month-old heifer calf is sired by JX Sunset Canyon Got Maid {5}-ET, GJPI +187. She has GPTAs of +877M, +65F and +40P. She has a GJPI of +159 and is +4.1 for Productive Life.

She has five maternal brothers in A.I. and a pair of maternal sisters that ranked on the top genetic lists on sale day. Their dam is a Very Good-87% daughter of JX Den-Kel Hendrix Jammer {4}-ET, GJPI +148, with 22,210 lbs. milk, 1,314 lbs. fat and 846 lbs. protein at 3-4. She has a GJPI of +151, which ranks among the top 1.5% for genotyped cows.

The grandam of “Dori {6}” is a Very Good-82% daughter of All Lynns Legal Visionary-ET, GJPI +131. The Very Good-86% third dam has a three lactation m.e. average of 20,575–996–747. Her fourth dam is a Very Good-87% maternal sister to “Daffy.”
“Dori {6}” was consigned by Southern Heritage Jerseys of Lascassas, Tenn.

Zeinstra Farms LLC placed the final bid of $2,200 on OSU-ATI Disco Chita 2646-ET to bring home the second high-seller as well. The six-month-old daughter of Oaklane Dazzler Disco 2127-ET, GJPI +177, has GPTAs of +732M, +32F and +28P and is +125 for GJPI. She is backed by seven Very Good or Excellent dams.

Her Excellent-90% dam has a two lactation m.e. average of 21,097–1,095–803. Her Excellent-93%, high component grandam is sired by Richies Jace TBone A364, GJPI +39, and has an m.e. average of 21,296–1,176–809 on four lactations. Her Very Good-85% third dam has six lactations—two over 21,500 lbs. milk, 1,000 lbs. fat and 720 lbs. protein.

“Chita 2646” was consigned by OSU Agricultural Technical Institute, Wooster, Ohio.
In all, Zeinstra Farms purchased five lots for $7,900. Nine other Jersey breeders from five states also made purchases.


JX SHJ Got Maid Dori {6}-ET was the high seller, purchased by volume buyer Zeinstra Farms LLC for $2,800. She was consigned by Southern Heritage Jerseys. Also pictured are Kate Sherman, at the halter, and JMS Manager Greg Lavan and auctioneer Steve Andrews in the box.


OSU-ATI Disco Chita 2646-ET was the second high seller at $2,200, also purchased by Zeinstra Farms LLC. She was consigned by OSU Agricultural Technical Institute, represented by Brandon Lawill, left. Billy Smith is on the halter and Lavan and Andrews are in the box.