2019 Midwest Spring Special Sale

$20,000 High Seller for Midwest Spring Special

A full sister to the highly-decorated show champion, Discoverys Tequila Jewelene, brought the top dollar at this year’s Midwest Spring Special Sale. Selling for $20,000, Discoverys Tequila Jasmine-ET paced the sale to an overall average of $2,0555.30 on 66 lots. The event was held on March 22 at the Olmsted County Fairgrounds in Rochester, Minn. Jersey breeders across the country were able to view the sale in real time through JerseyAuctionLive.com.


Discoverys Tequila Jasmine was the high seller, purchased by the partnership of Discovery Genetics and Nelson Farm for $20,000. She was consigned by Lisa Demmer, center. Also pictured with “Jasmine,” left to right, are Tony Kohls, AJCA-NAJ Area Representative Ron Mosser, sale managers Ole and Greg Nelson and Laura Schimek, at the halter. In the box are Dan Bauer, pedigrees, and Lynn Lee, auctioneer.

A note on the introduction page of the catalog by sale manager Greg Nelson described the line-up to a tee, “In these tough times, it is easier to stick to it when you have a couple animals that really excite you.” The current dairy economy allowed buyers to add elite genetics to their herds at respectable prices. End-to-end, the catalog offered family members of some of the breed’s favorite show families, including members of the “Veronica” and “Circus” families and “Press Release,” the reigning Intermediate Champion of the All American Jersey Show. Also included in the lineup were consignments backed by multiple generations of Excellents, some genetic standouts and many solidly-bred milk cows.

With the sale of “Jasmine,” consignor Lisa Demmer of Ellsworth, Wis., retained half interest in the young cow now owned by the partnership of Discovery Genetics (her partnership with Kevin Krejci) and Nelson Farms. Cataloged as Lot 1, the daughter of Tower Vue Prime Tequila-ET, GJPI -127, sold fresh with her first calf on Valentine’s Day. She gave 63 lbs. milk on her March test and has a projected m.e. of 16,279–829–609 at 2-4. She was tapped Reserve Junior Champion of the 2017 Minnesota State 4-H Show and is entered in the 2020 National Jersey Jug Futurity.

Her full sister, the Excellent-96% “Jewelene,” has a host of show winnings on her resume, including 2017 Supreme Champion of the North American International Livestock Exposition, 2017 National Grand Champion and 2014 National Jersey Jug Futurity Winner. She has been named All American five times and Intermediate Champion of the International Jersey Show in 2014. She makes her mark in the bulk tank too, with 18,458 lbs. milk, 1,159 lbs. fat and 788 lbs. protein at 5-11.

“Jasmine” and “Jewelene” have two Excellent-90% full sisters, including Discoverys Tequila Jasper, with 24,239 lbs. milk, 1,392 lbs. fat and 901 lbs. protein at 3-1.
Their dam, Demmers Jade Jewelry {6}, Excellent-90%, has five full or maternal sisters appraised Excellent and a pair that are Very Good. Included in this group is Demmers Jade Jemini, Excellent-94%. The next dam, Thomsen 4226 Cadillac Jay {5}, Excellent-95%, has a best record of 5-8 365 23,683 5.3% 1,250 4.1% 963 and lifetime credits of 187,642 lbs. milk, 10,040 lbs. fat and 7,554 lbs. She is a four-time class winner and former Reserve Grand Champion of the Minnesota State Fair and topped the junior two-year-old class at the Central National Junior Jersey Show in 2005 for consignor, Lisa Demmer of Ellsworth.

L & L Pires of Modesto, Calif., purchased the second-high seller, Woodmohr Pixie Pie, for $8,750. The daughter of Rapid Bay Reviresco-ET, JPI -162, sold due with her first calf to Rapid Bay Grand Prix-ET, JPI -65, in early June. She is backed by five Excellent dams.

Her dam, Partee Comerica Pixie, Excellent-94%, was Intermediate Champion of the Wisconsin Spring Spectacular in 2016 and topped her class as a four-year-old at the Wisconsin State Jersey Show the following year. She made 26,280 lbs. milk, 1,523 lbs. fat and 953 lbs. protein at 4-5.

“Pixie Pie’s” grandam, Four M Acres Furor Page-ET, Excellent-93%, was Reserve Grand Champion of the Central National Junior Jersey Show and Reserve Supreme Champion of the World Dairy Expo Futurity in 2006. She was also tapped Grand Champion of the Wisconsin Spring Junior Show in 2009. She has a best record of 20,140 lbs. milk, 1,091 lbs. fat and 758 lbs. protein at 3-7.

The next dam, Patricia of Partee Treat, Excellent-93%, was Intermediate Champion of the All American Jersey Show in 2001 and won the Jersey futurity at World Dairy Expo the same year. She made 24,574 lbs. milk, 1,291 lbs. fat and 906 lbs. protein in 365 days at 3-2. “Pixie Pie’s” long-lived fourth dam made more than 26,000 lbs. milk at 8-2 and 27,440 lbs. milk at 10-2.

“Pixie Pie” was consigned by Woodmohr Jerseys, Bloomer, Wis.

A member of the “Veronica” family brought the third high price of the day—$6,500. Ron and Christy Ratliff, Garnett, Kan., placed the last bid on Woodmohr-Townside Sheriff Vision, consigned by the partnership of Woodmohr Jerseys and Townside Jerseys of Bloomer. The Ratliffs showed the senior calf to Junior Champion laurels at the Southern National and then sold her in their Post Time at the Ratliff’s II sale for $12,500 to the partnership of Hill, Borba and Abbott of Thurmont, Md.

“Vision” is sired by Maker Colton Sheriff, GJPI +24, and hails from the “Vivid” branch of the “Veronica” cow family. Her dam is Arethusa Socrates Vibe-ET, Excellent-93%. She has six lactations and made her best record of 20,220 lbs. milk, 1,408 lbs. fat (7.0%) and 811 lbs. protein (4.0%) at 6-1. She has at least six Excellent maternal sisters, including Arethusa HG Victoria, Excellent-93%, first-place junior two-year-old at the International Jersey Show in 2014. She was second in her class at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair the same year.

“Vision’s” grandam, Arethusa Response Vivid-ET, Excellent-96%, has a bevy of show winnings, including Grand Champion of the RAWF and Reserve Supreme Champion of World Dairy Expo in 2012. She has 22,670 lbs. milk, 1,482 lbs. fat and 790 lbs. protein at 6-0.

The next dam is the world-famous Huronia Centurion Veronica 20J, Excellent-97%. She won the 2015 Jersey Journal Great Cow Contest and was named inaugural Cow of the Year by Jersey Canada in 2011. “Veronica” was Reserve National Grand Champion in 2002 and National Grand Champion two years later. She was Reserve Supreme Champion of World Dairy Expo in 2004 and earned top honors in 2006. She has seven lactations—four over 20,000 lbs. milk—and a best record of 6-8 365 24,442 5.6% 1,380 3.9% 955 DHIR. Five of the next six dams are Excellent in Canada; three have lifetime credits over 100,000 lbs. milk.