2019 President’s Day Sale

President’s Day Sale Kicks Off Sale Season

The President’s Day Sale kicked off the season for Registered Jersey auctions again this year selling 50 lots for an average of $1,019.50. The online offering managed by Jersey Marketing Service opened through JerseyBid.com on February 12 and closed through JerseyAuctionLive.com on February 19.


Though there was something for everyone, leading-edge genetics commanded the top prices. JX Avi-Lanche Jodeci Katee 19643 {4}-ET, a bred heifer sired by JX Faria Brothers Jodeci {3}, GJPI +177, was the high seller at $5,700. Purchased by Steve Rowley, Foxworth, Miss., she sold due to JX Pine-Tree Eusebio Shock {5}-ET, GJPI +169, in mid-August. She has GPTAs of +452M, +60F (+0.19%) and +39P (+0.11%) and ranks among the top 1.5% genotyped heifers with a GJPI of +167. She was consigned by Jennifer M. Avila and her late husband, Richard, owners of Avi-Lanche Jerseys, Dalhart, Texas.

Eleven of the consignment’s 12 closest dams are high producers that are also appraised Very Good or Excellent. Her dam, Avi-Lanche Dazzler Katee 12637, Very Good-88%, also ranks among her peers for genetic merit with a GJPI of +129. She has a three lactation m.e. average of 21,888–1,220–852. The next dam is a Very Good-87% daughter of Ten Springs Celebrity Status, GJPI +81, with an m.e. average of 20,320–1,054–732 on three lactations.

Her Very Good-82% third dam has a best record of 4-8 305 22,400 5.3% 1,192 3.8% 854 101DCR. Her Very Good-84% fifth dam has six lactations and made her top record of 21,030 lbs. milk, 1,000 lbs. fat and 740 lbs. protein at 3-9. Her Very Good-88% seventh dam has a four lactation m.e. average of 22,820–900–765.

Her eighth dam, Clover Farms Berretta Kelsey-ET, Excellent-92%, was a foundation cow developed at D & E Jerseys, Hilmar, Calif., the herd founded by Jennifer’s parents, Donald and Elsa Sherman, and now managed with the herd at Avi-Lanche Jerseys. “Kelsey” has 34 registered progeny and five records. She made a top record of 5-3 305 23,720 4.4% 1,034 3.9% 923 96DCR. The next two dams are also Excellent, with m.e. averages exceeding 18,200 lbs. milk and 19,600 lbs. milk, respectively.

The Avilas also consigned the second-high seller, Avi-Lanche Viceroy Bella 25540, purchased by Sand Creek Dairy LLC, Hastings, Mich., for $4,225. The 10-month old daughter of CDF Viceroy-ET, GJPI +197, ranks among the top 1.5% for genetic merit with a GJPI of +180. She has GPTAs of +828M, +68F and 38P. She is +2.2 for Livability, +1.5 for Daughter Pregnancy Rate, +2.9 for Cow Conception Rate and +2.6 for Heifer Conception Rate.

Her dam is a Very Good-84% daughter of Dupat Zuma Masters-ET, GJPI +96, with an m.e. average of 21,730–1,114–805 on two lactations. The next dam is a Very Good-88% daughter of Lyon I Louie Ebert, GJPI +63, with a best record of 4-6 305 24,120 4.6% 1,104 3.4% 827 103DCR.

Thirteen Jersey breeders from 11 states coast-to-coast and border-to-border made purchases. Sexing Technologies, Navasota, Texas, was the volume buyer, with four lots at $10,000. Sand Creek Dairy bought three head for $8,125.