Top Production Herds Announced

The American Jersey Cattle Association recently announced production averages for 2018 for Registered Jerseys enrolled on AJCA performance programs.

Herds from Iowa, Ohio and Wisconsin led their peers for milk, fat, protein and cheese yield production based on actual production and on a mature equivalent (m.e.) basis.

D & D Jerseys, Newton, Wis., was the top cheese yield producer for both actual and m.e. production with respective herd averages of 3,037 lbs. and 3,370 lbs. The 73-cow herd was the leading producer for actual milk production as well with 23,625 lbs. milk, 1,185 lbs. fat and 889 lbs. protein on 73 cows.

Joseph and Debra Brant, Cuba City, Wis., topped their peers for m.e. milk production with an average of 27,167 lbs. milk, 1,272 lbs. fat and 971 lbs. protein on 22 cows.

Cold Run Jerseys LLC, Salem, Ohio, was the leading fat producer on an actual and m.e. basis, with respective averages of 22,654 lbs. milk, 1,299 lbs. fat and 830 lbs. protein and 25,764 lbs. milk, 1,465 lbs. fat and 943 lbs. protein on 212 cows.

John and Edwin Maxwell, Donahue, Iowa, led the nation for protein on both an actual and m.e. basis, with respective averages of 23,513 lbs. milk, 1,124 lbs. fat and 892 lbs. protein and 26,523 lbs. milk, 1,252 lbs. fat and 1,003 lbs. protein on 198 cows.

Read more about the nation’s top-producing Jersey herds by reading the article carried in the March issue of the Jersey Journal.