Jersey Breed Releases Production Averages for 2018

The American Jersey Cattle Association recently announced production averages for 2018 for Registered Jerseys enrolled on AJCA performance programs.

The official breed lactation average is now 20,041 lbs. milk, 977 lbs. fat and 741 lbs. protein, with component averages of 4.88% fat and 3.7% protein. On a Cheddar cheese yield basis, average standardized production is 2,521 lbs. These numbers represent a modest drop in production (less than 1% for all measures of production) for the first time in a dozen years.

The number of records in the breed average—101,766—is fourth best in breed history, up more than 2,600 cows from 2017.

On an actual basis, average production is 17,630 lbs. milk, 863 lbs. fat and 650 lbs. protein, with a cheese yield equivalent of 2,215 lbs. Actual protein yield is the sole production measurement that did not decrease in 2018; this measure ties the breed-high level of 2017. When expressed as pounds of energy-corrected milk, actual average production is 21,913 lbs.

Read more about Jersey production averages and the nation’s top herds in the article carried in the March issue of the Jersey Journal.