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The following is a letter that was submitted to the Jersey Journal by Mary L. Hubbard of Rolling Green Jerseys, Oakland, Minn.

September 10, 2019

Dear Journal Staff,

Enclosed are two pictures I am sending, because I feel they capture the future of the Jersey world. I just wanted to share them with someone.

The first is Isabelle Lindahl (Lindstrom) and Krystal Viktora (Oakland) milking their Grand and Reserve Grand Champion cows at the 2019 Minnesota State Fair. Both girls exhibited at the FFA show held during the fair. Isabelle is the 2019 Minnesota Jersey Queen and Krystal was the 2018 Minnesota Jersey Queen. They are GREAT advocates for the Jersey breed.

The second is Krystal and her cow, Lyon Critic Lemars-P. The picture captures the lovely bond between Krystal and Lemars as they wait to go into the show arena. There was a lot of time spent getting ready for that moment!

Thank you for the great job on the Jersey Journal. It is a great publication and I look forward to every issue.

Best Regards,

Mary L. Hubbard

The cows pictured are Budjon-Vail Verdict Geri, Grand Champion of the 2019 Minnesota State Fair FFA Show, owned by Isabelle, and Lyon Critic Lemars-P, Reserve Grand Champion, owned by Krystal.

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