Albright Jerseys WDE Virtual Farm Tour Host

Albright Jerseys LLC, Willard, Ohio, is one of the farms slated for a virtual tour at World Dairy Expo, to be aired on October 3, 2019, at noon in Madison, Wis.

The Albrights – Joel and his parents, Fred and Becky – operate the 650-cow Registered Jersey dairy. They have transitioned milking facilities on the farm founded by Fred’s father, Allen, in 1947 from a stanchion barn to a double-four parlor to nine Lely A4 robots, installed in 2018. In the past six years, they have expanded herd size from 340 to 650 cows, all from internal growth.

The Albrights focus on production and health traits in herd matings, breeding the top half of the herd to high-end genomic young sires and the bottom end to beef bulls. Albright Jerseys has a herd average of 20,443 lbs. milk, with tests of 4.6% fat and 3.7% protein.  In addition, the herd has multiple top ranking Jersey Performance Index cows and earned numerous milk production awards in Ohio and the U.S. Joel received the American Jersey Cattle Association’s Young Jersey Breeder in 2016.

Prior to the 2018 robot installation, Joel worked full-time at the dairy and full-time as a vocational agriculture teacher for 17 years. During that time, he was extremely dedicated to his Crestview FFA chapter along with the Ohio FFA Association. Once the robots were installed, he made the decision to focus on the profitability of the dairy, utilizing technology to improve the quality of life for all involved with the operation.

Watch this promotional video featuring Joel’s daughter, Lauren!