Proposals Sought for Jersey Cattle and Product Research

The AJCC Research Foundation has issued their annual request for research proposals to be funded in 2020 addressing significant issues for the Jersey breed and Jersey milk producers.

Current priorities for research funding are:

  • Nutrition of high-producing Jerseys, particularly practical feeding methods to maximize production of valuable milk components;
  • Factors affecting management of Jersey calves;
  • Factors affecting semen production of Jersey bulls;
  • Factors affecting yield and/or quality of products manufactured from Jersey milk;
  • Factors affecting economic impact of Jerseys; efficiencies, net income, longevity, and lifetime profit;
  • Optimizing the genetic basis for improving animal health and/or enhancing product quality;
  • Enhancing environmental impact associated with Jerseys;
  • New technologies for safe and sustainable food production from Jersey cattle; and
  • Feasibility of adding value and increasing consumer acceptance of Jersey-derived products through enhanced product quality and branding.

Application deadline is December 1, 2019. The Research Advisory Committee of the American Jersey Cattle Association will evaluate the proposals, then forward its recommendations to the AJCA Board of Directors, which will award funds at its meeting in March 2020.

More information

Submissions are evaluated for (a) merit (e.g., potential to advance practical knowledge, creative approach to the problem); (b) competence (i.e., high probability of successful completion within the proposed time frame); and (c) relevance (e.g., problem derived from one of the areas of research priority).

Since 1988, the Foundation has awarded more than $900,000 in seed money for selected projects. Detailed information about the Competitive Grants Program can be found on the USJersey website or requested from Cari W. Wolfe, Director of Research and Genetic Programs Development, at 614/322-4453.

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