Pot O’Gold Winners Announced

Since 1958, the Pot O’Gold Sale has offered youth between the ages of seven and 20 the opportunity to purchase genetically-superior heifers from top herds across the country. A percentage of the sale gross is set aside in a fund and held for three years to provide cash awards for the juniors whose heifers complete the highest records for dollar value.

In 2016, the Pot O’Gold program offered 31 heifers to juniors in the Pot O’Gold Sale in Louisville, Ky. To qualify for competition in the Pot O’Gold Production Contest, the heifers must calve before they reach 30 months-of-age, be tested in a DHI herd owned by the purchaser or his or her parents and have a Data Collection Rating of 90 or higher. This year, 25 of the 31 entries met the qualifications to compete in the 2019 edition of the contest. The 25 records had an average m.e. of 21,927-1,057-810 and a dollar value average of $7,032.16.

Award Winners

Jacob Tatko (pictured left with “Clemson”) of Donahue, Iowa won the contest with his entry, JX Clemson Lemonhead 330 604 {6}, Very Good-85%. She produced a record with a dollar value of $10,013.24 to top the contest. She freshened in mid-November 2017 and made a 305-day record of 22,080 lbs. milk, 1,702 lbs. fat (7.7%) and 890 lbs. protein (4.0%) with a cheese yield of 3,082 lbs. The m.e. on the record is 28,044-2,146-1,147. The record currently ranks third for fat among yearlings on the National Class Leader list. Jacob and “Clemson” were also the winners of the 2018 National Jersey Youth Production Contest.

Colin Wussow, Cecil, Wis., returns to the leaderboard of this year’s Pot O’Gold Contest ranked second with JX D&E Harris Violet 16197 {5}-ET. The Very Good-80% daughter of JX Schultz Volcano Harris {4}, GJPI +163, produced a first lactation with a value of $8,887.69 and an m.e. of 37,747–1,302–1,220. Actual production for the 2-0 record is 32,730 lbs. milk, 1,107 lbs. fat and 1,030 lbs. protein (3x milking). Currently, the record ranks fourth for milk among junior two-year-olds on the National Class Leader list.

Tyler C. Kirchdoerfer, Cape Girardeau, Mo., the winner of the 2014 Pot O’Gold Production Contest and the 2013 National Jersey Youth Production Contest, placed third in this year’s Pot O’Gold contest with Last Chance Lemonhead Mayzie. The “Lemonhead” daughter produced a 1-8 record of 20,190 lbs. milk, 939 lbs. fat and 767 lbs. protein, with an m.e. of 26,797– 1,237–1,025 and a value of $8,281.83.

More Information

For more details on this year’s winners, visit the September 2019 issue of the Jersey Journal. If you’re interested in competing in this contest, the next Pot O’Gold Sale will take place Saturday, November 9, 2019 at 4 p.m. at the All American in Louisville, Ky. Eligible juniors can purchase an animal and be entered for the 2022 Pot O’Gold Production Contest.

Additional information is also available on the All American website.