2020 Western National Jersey Show

September 5, 2020 - Tillamook, Ore.
171 head
Judge: Keith Topp, Botkins, Ohio


Musqie Joel Villetta-ET
Grand and Intermediate Champion
Misty Meadow Dairy, Tillamook, Ore.


Lone Pine Joel Jugojuice 9807
Reserve Grand and Senior Champion
Misty Meadow Dairy

Reserve Senior Champion female
Esperanza GA Vivian, Misty Meadow Dairy

Reserve Intermediate Champion female
Arethusa Colton Cadbury-ETS-Twin, Pacific Edge and Brent Rocha, Tillamook, Ore.

Junior Champion female
Pacific Edge Gentry Drake, Brent L. Rocha, Tillamook, Ore.

Reserve Junior Champion female
Arethusa Andreas Chablis-ET, David L. Hogan, Tillamook, Ore.

Class Winners

Junior heifer calf (13 shown)
1. Lady Lane Casino Keno, Garry Jay Hansen, Mulino, Ore.
2. DG Bar VIP Windy, Eli and Isaac Horswill, Middlebury, Ind.
3. Lady Lane Blackstone Korry, Garry Jay Hansen

Intermediate heifer calf (15 shown)
1. SSF Colton Lorelia, Avery, Lauren, Grace and Claire Starr, Tulare, Calif.
2. Krahn Girls VIP Luxury-ET, Clancey and Gracie Krahn, Franchise Kind, Michael Heath and Scott Stanford, Albany, Ore.
3. Stadview Gentry Velocity, Franchise, Dusty and Nicole Schirm, Ashville, Ohio

Senior heifer calf (16 shown)
1. Arethusa Andreas Chablis-ET (S: Sunset Canyon Andreas, D: Arethusa Veronicas Comet-ET), David L. Hogan, Tillamook, Ore., res. jr. champ.
2. Rivendale Gentry Freya-ET, Misty Meadow Dairy, Tillamook, Ore.
3. Ehrhardt Nuance Swirl, Franchise, Glamourview and David Jordan, Ashville, Ohio

Summer yearling heifer (16 shown)
1. Pacific Edge Gentry Drake (S: Rapid Bay Indiana Gentry, D: Ratliff Colton Darien-ET), Brent L. Rocha, Tillamook, Ore., jr. champ.
2. Miss Underground Lolipop Lillian-ET, Rancho Teresita Dairy, Tulare, Calif.
3. Krahn Girls Colton Arlington, Clancey Krahn, Albany, Ore.

Junior yearling heifer (11 shown)
1. South Mountain Fizz Chablis-ET, Misty Meadow Dairy
2. Lady Lane Impression Josephine, Finley Rosa, Hilmar, Calif.
3. Pacific Edge Gentry Kendle-ET, Brent L. Rocha

Winter yearling heifer (10 shown)
1. LLR Premier Tango-ET, Avery, Lauren, Grace and Claire Starr
2. Crestbrooke Barnabas My-O-My, Kash-In Jerseys, Tulare, Calif.
3. Milksource-FV Marthas Vineyard-ET, David L. Hogan

Senior yearling heifer (2 shown)
1. Pacific Edge VIP Favorite, David M. Rocha, Tillamook, Ore.

Milking yearling (10 shown)
1. South Mountain Viral Request-ET, Misty Meadow Dairy
2. Lyon Colton Shady, Rancho Teresita Dairy
3. South Mountain Chrome Rendezvous-ET, Mike Berry and Michael Heath, Powell Butte, Ore.

Summer junior 2-yr.-old (5 shown)
1. Pacific Edge Premier Kahlua-ET, Brent L. Rocha
2. Renner Farm Colton Risky, Blake Renner, Fortuna, Calif.
3. Lady Lane Impression Keepsake, Garry Jay Hansen

Junior 2-yr.-old (11 shown)
1. Arethusa Colton Cadbury-Twin-ETS (S: Chilli Action Colton-ET, D: Arethusa Veronicas Comet-ET), Pacific Edge and Brent Rocha, Tillamook, Ore., res. int. champ.
2. SVHeaths Gentry Juju-ET, Misty Meadow Dairy
3. Ky-Hi Craze Crazefull-P-ET, Rancho Teresita Dairy

Senior 2-yr.-old cow (7 shown)
1. Kash-In Texas Emmalee-ET, Rancho Teresita Dairy
2. SVHeaths Tequila Chloe-ET, Kash-In Jerseys and Kamryn Kasbergen, Tulare, Calif.
3. SVHeaths Applejack Madeline, Moretti Dairy and Nathan Jensen, Beaver, Ore.

Great Western Futurity (6 shown)
1. Claquato Victorious First Run, Lauryn Young, Chehalis, Wash.
2. Lady Lane Ladd Kin, Garry Jay Hansen
3. Pacific Edge MG Wish Granted {5}, R&R Dairy, Tillamook, Ore.

Junior 3-yr.-old cow (13 shown)
1. Musqie Joel Villetta-ET (S: Guimo Joel-ET, D: Musqie Iatola Vixxs), Misty Meadow Dairy, int. and gr. champ.
2. South Mountain Colton Ravish, Misty Meadow Dairy
3. Norse Star Balin Layla, Kash-In Jerseys

Senior 3-yr.-old cow (8 shown)
1. Elliotts Fizz Charade-ET, Patrick Marvin Gourley, Portland, Ore.
2. SVHeaths Colton Judith, Casey, Chloe and Chase Vander Eyk, Tipton, Calif.
3. Heartfilleds Colton Tenley, Misty Meadow Dairy

4-yr.-old cow (14 shown)
1. Lone Pine Joel Jugojuice 9807 (S: Guimo Joel, D: Lone Pine Redpath JustJ), Misty Meadow Dairy, sr. and res. gr. champ.
2. Lady Lane Applejack Spice, Garry Jay Hansen
3. Royalty Ridge-Riversong Hazel, Freynie Lancaster and Anna Seaholm, Tillamook, Ore.

5-yr.-old cow (6 shown)
1. Paullyn Vance Rainelle, Misty Meadow Dairy
2. Pacific Edge Matrix Zorra {5}, Brent L. Rocha
3. Royalty Ridge Excitation Marlie, Ryan and Freynie Lancaster and Mike Berry, Tillamook, Ore.

Aged cow (8 shown)
1. Esperanza GA Vivian (S: Rapid Bay Getaway-ET, D: Esperanza Sulton Vicky), Misty Meadow Dairy, res. sr. champ.
2. Daven Farm Lenna, Rancho Teresita Dairy
3. Windy Willow Impression Lori J, Natalie Berry and Hannah Sanders, Hillmar, Calif.

Lifetime cheese production cow (2 shown)
1. Elliotts Tequila Romance, Garry J. Hansen and Patrick Gourley, Canby, Ore.

Junior best three females (3 shown)
1. Lady Lane Farm, Mulino, Ore.
2. Gracie Krahn, Albany, Ore.

Senior best three females (3 shown)
1. Ryan and Freynie Lancaster, Tillamook, Ore.
2. Pacific Edge Jerseys, Tillamook, Ore.

Exhibitor’s herd (3 shown)
1. Misty Meadow Dairy
2. Pacific Edge Jerseys