Franchise Kind III

Elite Genomic and Type Animals Shine at the Franchise Kind III

Jersey breeders of various backgrounds sought to improve their dairies with consignments from some of the nation’s most prominent herds at the Franchise Kind III. Potential bidders crowded into a private room at the Eldorado Scioto Downs Casino in Columbus, Ohio, creating a lively atmosphere of good company united by a passion for high-quality Jersey cows.


South Mountain Andreas Rascal-ET was the third high seller of the night and the top type lot. Pictured back row, left to right: Ernie Kueffner, breeder and consignor; Dusty Schirm, sale manager; Chris Hill, auctioneer; and Rod Rankin, representing Rivendale Farms, buyer. Front row, left to right: Nicole Schirm, sale manager; Terri Packard, breeder and consigner; and Linda Rankin, representing Rivendale Farms, buyer.

The sale was hosted by Dusty and Nicole Schirm, Ashville, Ohio. The offerings were an assembly of various elite Jersey genetics in terms of famed cow families, show ring laurels and high-end genomic merit. Their pedigrees were backed by generations of famous production stars, decorated champions and farms of household familiarity. A total of 78 lots sold for an average of $7,527.88 and a gross of $587,175.

Sky-high genomics took the sale’s spotlight thanks to the night’s high seller, Roc-Bot Dance Off 10637. This senior heifer calf sold for $75,000 to Select Sires, Plains City, Ohio. “Dance Off” was the #1 ranked Progenesis Dancer-ET, GJPI +166, daughter for genomic merit the night of the sale. She ranks on the top 1.5% elite heifers list at GJPI +194 and is noted as one of the highest non-JX females to ever sell at public auction. Some of her other notable standout GPTA numbers include +990M, +89F, +50P, +4.8PL, +18.2GJUI and +1.6GPTAT.

“Dance Off” is out of Roc-Bot Mackenzie 8199 {6}, Excellent-90%. “Mackenzie” ranks on the top 1.5% cows list at GJPI +168. She has a 1-8 record of 14,810 5.9% 868 4.0% 591 93DCR.

The second dam is Roc-Bot David 7071 {5}, a Very Good-84% daughter of Sunset Canyon David-ET, GJPI +102. Her best record is 19,070 lbs. milk, 909 lbs. fat and 662 lbs. protein at 3-7. The next dam is Roc-Bot Baltimore 5447 {4} with two records over 21,000 lbs. milk.
“Dance Off” was consigned by her breeder, Rock Bottom Dairy, Alvord, Iowa.

Following the trend, the second high seller was another genomic lot, Pine-Tree Chrome Bulgaria 1910-ET, purchased by Sexing Technologies, Navasota, Texas, for $45,000. “Bulgaria” was the #1 GJPI daughter of River Valley Cece Chrome-ET, GJPI +189, was ranked his #10 daughter on the Herd Register list at the time of her sale. She ranks among the top 1.5% of heifers with a GJPI of + 203 and is tied in sixth place for somatic cell score heifer on the Herd Register list. Additionally, she is +818M, +58F, +45P, +5.9PL and +593NM$.

Her dam is Cinnamon Ridge Method Bulgaria, Very Good-83%. As with her progeny, she herself is a genomic standout ranking on the top 1.5% cows list at +152 GJPI. Among her many sons is Pine-Tree Disco Bubba-ET, GJPI +195, with a stud code at Sexing Technologies. The second dam is a Very Good-86% daughter of Wilsonview Jevon Magnum-ET, GJPI +133, with two records over 20,000 lbs. milk. She is preceded by two additional Very Good dams both with multiple records over 20,000 lbs. milk.
“Bulgaria” was bred and consigned by Matthew Steiner of Pine Tree Dairy, Marshallville, Ohio.

South Mountain Andreas Rascal-ET, a senior calf, was the third high seller at $28,000 with the final bid placed by Rivendale Farms, Bulger, Pa. At the recent New York Spring Carousel Jersey Show she was the second-place senior heifer calf standing behind her cousin. Her dam is none other than South Mountain Voltage Radiant-ET, Excellent-91%, who earned her claims to fame by winning the 2018 National Jersey Jug Futurity and both Intermediate and Reserve Grand Champion titles at the 2018 International Jersey Show. Additionally, she was the Unanimous AllBreed Access (ABA) All-American Junior Three-Year-Old, Reserve Intermediate Champion of the All American Jersey Show, Intermediate and Reserve Grand Champion of the Maryland State Fair that same year. In 2017 she was the ABA Reserve All-American Junior Two-Year-Old, All American Junior Two-Year-Old and Intermediate Champion of the All American Jersey Show.

“Radiant” has 14 Very Good or Excellent sisters and is a member of ABA HM All-American Produce 2018 along with her sister Elliotts HG Rose, Excellent-93%. On her most recent complete 3-1 record, she produced 23,370 lbs. milk, 1,455 lbs. fat and 869 lbs. protein.

The second dam is Marynole Excite Rosey, Excellent-94% who earned her laurels at the International and Mid-Atlantic Regional shows. In 2016 she was named Reserve All-American Aged Cow at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Show and Honorable Mention All-Canadian Aged Cow. Two years prior she was the Reserve Grand Champion at World Dairy Expo, and the year prior was Honorable Mention Intermediate Champion. Before that, she was the Intermediate Champion of the 2012 International Jersey Show. “Rosey’s” best record is 6-11 305 24,800 5.7% 1,425 3.6% 901 97DCR. The next four dams are scored Very Good or Excellent.

The night’s next high seller was Sugar Brook Bartender Bridgett, Very Good-88%. The two-year-old and sold Adam Clark and Underground Genetics, Pitcher, N.Y. for $25,000 having freshened in February. She was consigned by Anthony Crothers, Pitcher, N.Y.

The daughter of Avonlea CF Bartender, JPI -66, is out of Lawtons Prescott Bertha, Very Good-84%, who has an m.e. average of 20,246‒934‒695 on her second lactation. Behind “Bertha” are six Very Good or Excellent dams.

For a final bid of $21,000, Izzy Bohrer, Walkersville, Md., purchased the fifth high seller, Glamourview Premier Spade. The winter yearling is a daughter of Hawarden Impuls Premier GJPI +78. “Spade” was the 2018 All American Winter Calf and the Reserve Junior Champion at The All American Jersey Show.

Her dam is Stoney Point Tequila Sunrise, Excellent-90%. As a spring yearling, she was the Junior Champion at The All American Jersey Show and International Jersey Show in 2013. The second dam, Stoney Point Sulton Sunny, Excellent-90%, has two lactations over 16,000 lbs. milk. She is preceded by a Very Good-85% dam by Glenholme Counciller, GJPI -54.
“Spade” was consigned by Schirm, Borba, Reynolds and Putt, Ashville, Ohio.

The sixth and seventh high selling lots of the night were both choices of heifers due to be born in September 2019 Selling for $20,300 to David Hogan, Tillamook, Ore., was a choice of five Rapid Bay Indiana Gentry, GJPI -86, daughters out of MB Lucky Lady Feliz Navidad-ET, Excellent-93% due in September. “Feliz Navidad” was the Grand Champion of the International Jersey Show in 2018. That same year she was also the ABA All-American Four-Year-Old, Reserve All-Canadian Four-Year-Old that same year. In 2017 she was the ABA All-American Senior Three-Year-Old, Intermediate Champion at World Dairy Expo and Reserve Grand Champion of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. Her next six dams are all Very Good or Excellent. The choice was consigned by Rivendale Farms, Bulger, Pa.

For $20,200, David Hogan also had the final bid on a choice of four heifers due from the one and only Musqie Iatola Martha, Excellent-97% by “Gentry.” Milksouce Genetics and Finca Valparaiso, Kaukauna, Wis., consigned the choice.

“Martha” has so many purple banners and titles to her name she needs very little introduction to Jersey breeders. She was the 2016 Supreme Champion at World Dairy Expo and Supreme Champion of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair from 2015-2017. She was Reserve Supreme Champion at World Dairy Expo in 2015 and 2017 and Grand Champion of the International Jersey Show 2015-2017. In 2017, she was the ABA All-American Aged Cow and All-Canadian Mature Cow. She earned both titles previously as a four and five-year-old. She also has two records over 23,000 lbs. milk. Fourteen of her next sixteen dams are Very Good or Excellent.

In addition to the buyers present, the sale was also broadcast online in real-time through