2019 Massachusetts Blue Ribbon Calf Sale

Another Successful Massachusetts Calf Sale

New England Jersey calves continued to be in high demand at the annual Massachusetts Blue Ribbon Calf Sale held at the Eastern States Exposition in Springfield, Mass., on March 23. Tierneys Maverick 2 Lixue was struck off as the day’s high seller at $2,600. Other breeds offered in the sale were Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Holstein, Red and White, and Milking Shorthorn with an overall average of $1,326.41 on 71 head.


Eighteen different buyers purchased the 20 Jersey lots for an average of $1,035. Gross sales totaled $20,700 on the Jerseys.

“Lixue,” an intermediate calf, was consigned by Tierney Farm, Malone, N.Y. She comes from the Tierney’s well-decorated and deep-pedigreed “L” cow family. Her first dam is Tierneys Getaway to Louisville, Very Good-88%. She has two Excellent and one Very Good maternal sister. Their dam is Tierneys Piedmont Lua {6}, Excellent-94%. “Lua” was the 2008 first four-year old and Grand Champion of the Franklin County Fair in Malone, N.Y. She was the second five-year old at the Eastern States Exposition the next year. Her best record is 9-7 17,970 5.7% 1,018 4.3% 768 96DCR. After “Lua” the next five dams are Very Good or Excellent. Bristol Card of Billerica, Mass., placed the final bid.

The second high seller was Dreamroad Craze Carmen who sold for $2,400 to Madison Peryea, Chateaugay, N.Y. She was bred and consigned by Rebecca Ferry of Dreamroad Jerseys, Johnstown, N.Y. The senior calf is a daughter of River Valley Circus Craze-ET, GJPI +168 and has a Parent Average of +$328CM, +$207NM, +$261FM and is +3.6 for PL. Her dam is Dreamroad Blackstone Carlina, Excellent-93%, who has a five lactation m.e. average of 16,912‒956‒680. Dreamroad Iatola Carletta, Excellent-94%, is the second dam and in 2015 was the second aged cow at the 2015 New York State Fair. She has three records over 17,000 lbs. milk. The next seven generations are Very Good or Excellent.

Chris and Sarah Porrovecchio, Gill, Mass., took home the third high seller for $1,450. Maple-Nook Lucy-ET is an intermediate calf by Hawarden Impuls Premier, GJPI +78. Her dam is Bellemac-Jr Socrates Lydia-ET, an Excellent-91% daughter of Piedmont Prize Socrates, GJPI -93. The next two dams are also Excellent, the 2009 New York Spring Carousel Junior Champion, Arethusa Deluxe Lyric-ET, Excellent-92%, and Silver Dreams Centr Lindy, Excellent-92%. “Lindy” has a 3-2 best record of 305 20,820 5.2% 1,085 3.5% 732 94DCR. Behind her is another Excellent dam.

“Lucy” was consigned by breeder Lauri Lyn Beggs of Odensburg, N.Y.