National Heifer Sale 2019

Polled Heifer Sells for $103,000 at National Sale

On June 28, 2019, the results of the 62nd National Heifer Sale rewrote the history books for Jersey public sales, proving the Jersey is the cow for the industry.

In a dairy industry that has experienced low milk prices, high feed costs and more and more dairies selling out, the evening offered many shining moments showcasing the Jersey breed and her many attributes.

In the weeks leading up to the sale, excitement for the sale began to build as Jersey Marketing Service (JMS) began promoting the individuals that breeders had consigned—the #7 GJPI heifer in the breed, the #1 polled, no bracket, no JX heifer, and the #1 CFP heifer of the breed were among the highlights.

The sale moved back to a virtual sale this year, after a record-setting live sale in 2018. Attendees of the AJCA-NAJ Annual Meetings had the opportunity to view more than half of the consigned animals at Dreamroad Jerseys LLC on Thursday before the sale.

By the end of the sale, 35 lots had crossed the auction block for an average of $10,308.57—crushing last year’s record high average of $7,190.85 on 39 head. This average pushed the sale to the seventh high averaging sale in breed history as reported to Jersey Journal.

national-heifer-sale-high 2019

Wetumpka Viceroy Java-P became the highest selling heifer calf in breed history on June 28 at the National Heifer Sale. The 10-month-old polled heifer was consigned by Cheryl Carlson, second from right. She was purchased by Pine Tree Dairy, Matthew Steiner for $103,000. The Steiner family was represented by JMS Logistics Coordinator, Jason Robinson. Also pictured are JMS Manager, Greg Lavan; auctioneer Chris Hill in back; Fred Stout intern Brennan Topp and National Jersey Queen Abby Shaw in front.

Number Average Price Total Value
8 bred heifers $3,850.00 $30,800
3 open yearlings $4,800.00 $14,400
23 heifer calves $13,608.70 $313,000
1 embryo package $2,600.00 $2,600
35 lots $10,308.57 $360,800
Median Price $3,250.00
Jersey Sale—Saratoga Springs Style

As a crowd nearing 350 people arrived in the ballroom at the Saratoga Hilton, Saratoga Springs, N.Y., a video of highlights from past National Heifer Sales played on the screens at the front of the room. The crowd enjoyed a social hour and dinner before sitting down to relax and watch as 35 of the breed’s best were displayed on the large video screens in the front of the room and broadcast live through

Sale manager JMS has nearly perfected the concept of a virtual sale, where the animals sold in absentia, via video feeds projected on large screens in the ballroom. Auctioneer Chris Hill and pedigree reader Greg Lavan talked about and sold each heifer while the audience watched from their tables. The videos were also played to the world through and bidders from across the nation could bid via the internet.

The consignments came from 12 states and had an average GJPI of +135 and many Excellent dams and grandams backing the individuals. At sales end, nine animals had topped the $8,000 threshold for price.

The 35 lots sold to 23 buyers in 11 states and Canada generating a sale gross of $360,800. Six lots sold in excess of $15,000 and four more exceeded the $7,500 level.

Volume buyer was Sexing Technologies with nine head for $73,500. Five buyers each in California and New York purchased six animals to take back to the two states.

To kick off the sale, New York Jersey breeders donated a vintage All-Jersey sign to help benefit the Rob and Lisa Leach family in Linwood, Kan., whose farm was destroyed by a tornado in late May. More than $9,700 was raised to benefit the family through generous donations by Jersey breeders.

national-heifer-sale-second-high 2019

Ahlem Farms Partnership consigned the second high seller of the 62nd National Heifer Sale. Ahlem Disco Pansy 54466 sold for $65,000 to Semex, represented by Jacob Leum, second from right. Roger Herrera, his daughter Shai, and Jonathan Merriam were all on hand to represent Ahlem Farms Partnership. Pictured with the group is Fred Stout intern Brennan Topp, National Jersey Queen Abby Shaw in the front row and JMS manager Greg Lavan and auctioneer Chris Hill in the back.

The Main Attraction

Genomics have played a large role in the development of Jersey breed genetics in recent years. From the improvement in the accuracy of genetic predictions and breed purity, it has been a learning experience for the Jersey breed.

This year, it was obvious that high-numbered, clean-pedigreed individuals were in demand with Jersey breeders. Two of the highly promoted consignments for the sale were both JX and bracket free in their pedigrees and the two brought the highest prices of the night. Five of the top nine consignments were JX free in their registry status.

It has been well documented over time, that when a polled heifer also has a high GJPI, she is in high demand and commands a top price on the auction block.

This year, Wetumpka Viceroy Java-P proved once again the value of a high-numbered polled heifer.

Bidding from the internet, mobile phones and within the crowd was strong. In the end, it was Matthew Steiner, Pine Tree Dairy, Marshallville, Ohio, placing the final bid of $103,000 on the heifer. Not only did this price set the record high price for the 62-year-old sale history and for JMS, but it made “Java-P” the highest selling heifer calf in breed history as reported to Jersey Journal.

The 10-month-old heifer consigned by Cheryl Carlson, Tully, N.Y., carried a genomic JPI of +189, ranking her second overall in the breed for polled females and the highest GJPI polled heifer with no brackets. The P9 heifer is sired by CDF Viceroy-ET, GJPI +197. Her GPTAs that night were strong at +1,010M, +81F, +52P, +$674 CM, +4.8PL, +1.9 DPR, and +1.3 for Type.
Her dam is a Very Good-86% polled daughter of Wilsonview Jevon Magnum-ET, GJPI +133. The dam ranks among the elite in the breed for GJPI. She is projected to 22,940–1,177–888 m.e. at 1-10.

The next dam is appraised Very Good-85% and has a 2-9 lactation of 22,460 lbs. milk, 1,171 lbs. fat and 853 lbs protein.

Selling for $65,000 was the #7 heifer for GJPI—Ahlem Disco Pansy 54466. The eight-month-old heifer also was bracket and JX free in her pedigree and carried a GJPI of +215. She was consigned by Ahlem Farms Partnership, Hilmar, Calif.

The Semex Alliance, Guelph, Ont., placed the final bid on “Pansy.”

She is a P9 October 2018 calf and carried a GPTA of +1,018M, +55F, +39P, +$695 CM, +8.7 PL, and a +2.2 DPR along with her high GJPI.

Sired by Oaklane Dazzler Disco 2127-ET, GJPI +177, she is out of a Very Good daughter of Wilsonview Pharoahs Monument, GJPI +147. The dam has a 1-9 projected m.e. of 26,066–1,014–870 and a PPA of +6,240M, +111F, +149P. The next dam is a Very Good daughter of Dutch Hollow Lexicon-ET, GJPI +93, with a two lactation m.e. average of 21,152–892–732. the next two dams both have produced in excess of 22,000 lbs. milk, 980 lbs. fat and 750 lbs. protein on their best records.

Vierra Dairy Farms, Hilmar, Calif., selected the #1 Combined Fat and Protein (CFP) heifer in the breed as their pick of the sale.

JX Lucky Hill Whiskey {6}-ET was the third high seller at $39,500. The six-month-old heifer carried GPTAs of +103F and +67P, giving her a CFP of +170, the highest in the breed the night of the sale.

She is sired by Progenesis Dancer-ET, GJPI +166. She has a GJPI of +194, and ranks among the elite of the breed for GJPI. Her brother, JX Lucky Hill Woodstock {6}-ET, is at ABS Global. Two more maternal sisters rank among the elite of the breed for GJPI.

They are out of JX Lucky Hill Tarheel Wemberly {5}-ET, Very Good-80%, with a first lactation of 15,410 lbs. milk, 797 lbs. fat and 585 lbs. protein at 1-8. The next dam is a daughter of DP Ballistic, GJPI +111, who ranks among the elite of the breed for GJPI. She is appraised Very Good-85% and has a two lactation m.e. average of 19,993–1,116–810. The great-grandam is Lucky Hill Joker Waborita, Very Good-87%, with a best record of 6-10 285 23,560 4.7% 1,118 3.7% 862 101DCR.

The consignment of Young Jersey Breeder recipient Ryan Junio of Four J Jerseys, Tipton, Calif., was the fourth high selling heifer at $18,000.

Four J Change Up 13721 {6} was purchased by Select Sires, Plain City, Ohio. The daughter of River Valley Charley Change Up-ET, GJPI +149, ranks among the top 300 heifers of the breed for GJPI at +185. She has GPTAs of +754M, +73F, +46P, +$652 CM, and +4.9 PL.

Her dam is a Very Good-84% daughter of Buttercrest Gameday-ET, GJPI +140, and has a two lactation m.e. average of 22,840–951–688. The next dam is a Very Good-88% daughter of Boyd-Lee T Bone Bruno, GJPI +66, with a best record of 3-8 301 3x 26,020 4.2% 1,104 3.6% 924 93DCR.

JX Avi-Lanche Viceroy Dede 26455 {6} was the fifth high selling heifer at $16,000 for consignors Avi-Lanche Jerseys, the late Richard Avila and his wife Jennifer, Dalhart, Texas.

The P9 heifer sired by “Viceroy” was purchased by volume buyer, Sexing Technologies.
“JX Dede 26455 {6}” has a GPTA of +1,307M, +68F, 54P, +$650 CM, +6.4 PL and a GJPI of +190. She ranks among the elite females of the breed for GJPI.

Her dam is sired by All Lynns Legal Volano-ET, GJPI +135, and is projected to 24,920–1,049–862 m.e. at 2-8. The next dam is also Very Good and has six records in excess of 20,000 lbs. milk, 800 lbs. fat and 700 lbs. protein. Her best record was at 4-9 299 26,150 4.0% 1,054 3.4% 892 103DCR. Her fourth dam is a Very Good-86% daughter of Bancrest Lester Avery, GJPI -1.

A choice of three heifers from Wickstrom Jersey Farms Inc., Hilmar, Calif., sold for the sixth high price of the night at $15,500. Sexing Technologies purchased the right to choose from the three high-indexing heifers—JX Dupat Cespedes 20656 {4}-ET, GJPI +196; JX Dupat Enzo 20158 {4}-ET, GJPI +190; or JX Dupat Dancer 20724 {4}-ET, GJPI +190.

The calves were all born from December 2018 to March 2019 and had GPTAs over +900M, +60F, +$600 CM, +5.0 PL and +32 GJUI. All three calves hail from dams that rank among the top 1.5% of the breed for GJPI and are sired by some of the most popular young bulls of the breed. Sexing Technologies will be making their selection after the August genetic evaluations.
Sexing Technologies also purchased the next two high sellers, each for $9,100.

Pine-Tree 1556 Kingston 2004 {6}-ET was consigned by Matthew Steiner. The three-month-old calf sold with a GJPI of +186. She is sired by Shan-Mar Lemonhead Kingston-ET, GJPI +162. Her dam is a daughter of JX Co-op World Cup {4}-ET, GJPI +188, and out of the popular Oaklane Chisel Della 2130-ET, Very Good-85%. “Della” has several sons in A.I. She has a 3-1 record of 21,340 lbs. milk, 1,168 lbs. fat, and 824 lbs. protein. The next dam is Excellent-90% with more than 24,000 lbs. milk, 1,500 lbs. fat and 980 lbs. protein. Her sixth dam is Sunset Canyon Lemvig Maid 4-ET, Excellent-93%, with more than 30,000 lbs. milk and a 7.0% butterfat test on her 5-2 record. The seventh dam is the world-famous Tenn Haug E Maid.

The second heifer to sell for $9,100 was Forest Glen Bancroft Ann, consigned by Dan K. Bansen, Dayton, Ore.

The daughter of Ahlem Axis Bancroft-ET, GJPI +173, sold due in January 2020 to JX Cal-Mart Westport {5}-ET, GJPI +197. The yearling heifer carried a GPTA of +1,192M, +50F, +46P, +$551 CM, +4.9 PL, +23.9 GJUI and +172 GJPI.

Her dam is a Very Good-84% daughter of Forest Glen Volcano Viper, GJPI +142, with a 2-1 record of 299 16,010 4.6% 736 3.3% 536 96DCR. The next dam is Very Good-88% and made 21,520 lbs. milk, 915 lbs. fat and 692 lbs. protein at 2-9.

For the Benefit of Youth

For the past six decades, the National Heifer Sale has been the single largest contributor to the national youth development activities carried out by the American Jersey Cattle Association. Since the sale’s inception in 1958, it has always been standard for each consignor to donate 10% of each animal’s selling price.

This year youth programs will receive just over $36,080 providing financial support for the National Jersey Youth Achievement Contest, National Jersey Production Contest, travel money for the Young Jersey Breeder award recipients to attend the annual meeting, plus other youth activities throughout the year.

national-heifer-sale-third-high 2019

Vierra Dairy Farms purchased the third high seller—JX Lucky Hill Whiskey {6}-ET for $39,500. The dairy is represented by Jacob Leum, center and AJCA-NAJ Area Representative Kristin Paul, second from left. “Whiskey {6}” was consigned by Lucky Hill Farm, represented by AJCA-NAJ Area Representative Brenda Snow, second from right. Also pictured are the Fred Stout intern Brennan Topp, National Jersey Queen Abby Shaw in the front row and JMS manager Greg Lavan and auctioneer Chris Hill in the back.

national-heifer-sale-fourth-high 2019

Ryan Junio, wife Michele, son Rhett, and his parents Frank and Rhonda Junio, sold the fourth high selling heifer for $18,000. Four J Change Up 13721 {6} was purchased by Select Sires, represented by Brad Barham of All West Select Sires, far left. Also pictured with the group is Fred Stout intern Brennan Topp, National Jersey Queen Abby Shaw in the front row and JMS manager Greg Lavan and auctioneer Chris Hill in the back.