Ohio Spring Classic Sale 2019

$6,000 High Seller for Ohio Spring Classic Sale

As in years past, a well-rounded offering of Registered Jersey genetics was auctioned at the Ohio Spring Classic Sale. Held on Memorial Day at the Wayne County Fairgrounds in Wooster, Ohio, buyers purchased the 66 lots of genomic investments, blue-ribbon prospects, and foundation-quality genetics for an average of $1,947.35. Jersey breeders from across the country were able to view the May 27 sale in real time through JerseyAuctionLive.com. In all, 39 buyers from 12 states made purchases.

Number Average Price Total Value
12 cows $2,360.42 $28,325
9 bred heifers $1,555.56 $14,000
16 open yearlings $1,250.00 $20,000
29 heifer calves $2,282.76 $66,200
66 lots $1,947.35 $128,525
Median Price $1,500.00

For the second consecutive year, Sexing Technologies of Navasota, Texas, and Matthew Steiner of Marshallville, Ohio, were on the respective buying and selling ends of the high seller. This year, Sexing Technologies purchased JX Pine-Tree Craze Della 1991 {4}-ET with a final bid of $6,000. The genomic standout is from a cow family that has been heavily merchandised in recent years and traces to breed matriarch, Tenn Haug E Maid, Excellent-93%.

The three-month-old “Della 1991 {4}” is sired by River Valley Circus Craze-ET, GJPI +168. She has GPTAs of +729M, +59F and +31P and ranks on the list of the Top 500 Females for GJPI with an index of +186. She is +2.4 for Type and has a GJUI of +38.8. Eight other members of the cow family currently rank among the top 500 for genetic merit.

Her dam, JX Pine-Tree Avon Della {3}-ET, sired by JX Faria Brothers Avon {2}-ET, GJPI +133, ranks among the top 1.5% for genetic merit with a GJPI of +173. The junior two-year-old has an m.e. of 17,493–945–644 on her first lactation at 1-10. She is in the donor dam program at Pine Tree Dairy, owned by consignor Matthew Steiner and has 14 registered progeny to date.

Her grandam, Oaklane Chisel Della 2130-ET, Very Good-85%, ranks #133 for GJPI with an index of +191 and has a two lactation m.e. average of 24,111–1,284–919. The matriarch has 52 registered progeny.

The third dam, Sunset Canyon Dzzler V Maid 2348, Excellent-90%, also ranks among the top 1.5% with a GJPI of +159. She has an m.e. average of 25,339–1,521–995 on three lactations. The next two dams are also appraised Very Good and have m.e. averages over 21,000 lbs. milk.

The sixth dam of “Della 1991 {4}” is Sunset Canyon Lemvig Maid-4-ET, Excellent-93%, with 132 registered progeny to date. She has three records—all over 20,000 lbs. milk—and a best record of 5-2 365 30,508 7.0% 2,150 4.3% 1,302 DHIR. The seventh dam, “Maid,” placed fourth in the 2015 Jersey Journal Great Cow Contest.

Sexing Technologies was the volume buyer of the day, purchasing nine head in all for $23,700.
Mason Mazzaro and Duane T. Cole established a partnership with Landree Fraley of Burghill, Ohio, in the purchase of the second high-seller, M-Signature Savannah, for $5,700. Mazzaro and Cole dissolved a previous partnership that included Mason’s siblings, Bailee, Calla and Matthew of Williamsfield, Ohio, as breeder and consignor of the fancy-pedigreed senior calf.
“Savannah” is sired by Tower Vue Prime Tequila, GJPI -127, and out of a daughter of Arethusa Verbatim Response-ET, GJPI -58. The next seven dams are Very Good or Excellent. Her grandam, M-Signature Valentino Scarlett-ET, Excellent-94%, was Junior Champion of the Ohio Spring Dairy Expo in 2014. A maternal sister to “Scarlett” has been tapped Reserve Intermediate Champion of the Michigan Spring Show.

“Savannah’s” third dam, Marhaven Justice Sugar-ET, Excellent-91%, is a two-time Reserve Grand Champion of the Ohio State Fair Junior Show and was Intermediate Champion of the Mid-Atlantic Junior Jersey Show in 2010.

Her fourth dam, Van De Sambo Swan Serenade-ET, Excellent-94%, has two records over 21,000 lbs. milk. The next dam is also appraised Excellent-94% and has an m.e. average of 19,549–975–681 on three lactations. Her Excellent-93% seventh dam has eight records and made her best record of 22,340 lbs. milk, 1,100 lbs. fat and 796 lbs. protein at 6-11.

Sexing Technologies purchased the third high-seller, Pine-Tree Chrome Bulgaria 1893-ET, for $5,600. Like her herdmate, the seven-month-old daughter of River Valley Cece Chrome-ET, GJPI +189, was consigned by Steiner and ranks among the breed’s best for genetic merit. She has GPTAs of +884M, +69F and +43P and a GJPI of +172, which ranks on the current list of the Top 500 Females for GJPI. She has three maternal brothers in A.I.

Her high-test dam, Cinnamon Ridge Method Bulgaria, Very Good-83%, ranks among the top 1.5% genotyped cows with a GJPI of +153 and has an m.e. of 17,212–1,214–873 on her first lactation at 1-8. “Bulgaria” was in the donor dam program at Pine Tree Dairy and has 32 registered progeny to date.

“Bulgaria 1893’s” grandam, Hilmar Magnum 43054, Very Good-86%, has a two lactation m.e. average of 29,223–1,351–1,061. She was purchased by Kara Alice Maxwell of Cinnamon Ridge Dairy, Donahue, Iowa, at the 2014 Pot O’Gold Sale and placed fifth in the ensuing production contest in 2017.

Her Very Good-84% third dam made a best record of 2-9 305 3x 26,910 4.3% 1,163 3.5% 948 95DCR. Her Very Good-82% fourth dam has an m.e. average of 25,265–1,204–908 on four records. Her fifth dam is appraised Very Good-81% and has a two lactation m.e. average of 20,526–1,012–739.


JX Pine-Tree Craze Della 1991 {4}-ET was the high seller, purchased for $6,000 by Sexing Technologies. She was consigned by Matthew Steiner. Also pictured are Kevin Williams, sale chair, Michael Heath, sales staff, Drew Duncan, representing sale manager Jersey Marketing Service, and Kadey Starkey, at the halter.


M-Signature Savannah was the second high seller at $5,700. She was purchased by Duane T. Cole, Mason Mazzaro and Landree Fraley to dissolve a partership of consignors Bailee, Calla, Mason and Matthew Mazzaro and Duane Cole. Also pictured with Williams, Heath and Duncan are Seth Andrews, auctioneer, in the box, and Erin Williams, at the halter.