Rawn Jerseys Dispersal

Rawn Jerseys Dispersed

Though a dispersal closes the book of cattle breeding for one Jersey farm, the silver lining is that it represents the beginning for another. Such was the case with the Rawn Jerseys Dispersal, where 72 Registered Jerseys left their home in Lancaster, Ohio, on March 16, 2019, and found new homes on farms in six states across the Midwest. Thirty-two buyers purchased the solidly-bred group of Jerseys, developed by the Rawn family over the past 100 years, for an average of $960.07. The Jerseys sold with a small group of Holsteins as well, with an overall sale average of $964.06 on 80 lots.


On a beautiful day in mid-March, the Rawn family milked cows at the farm in central Ohio for the last time in advance of their herd dispersal at the farm in Lancaster.

Members of the “Asteroid” family brought the top dollars of the dispersal. Marys Asteroid, Excellent-93%, has a show resume that includes All American and Junior All American Four-Year-Old and Best Bred and Owned of the All American Junior Jersey Show in 2012. “Asteroid’s” fifth dam is the famous breed matriarch, Greenridge FW Chief Althea-ET, Excellent-92%, runner-up of the 2000 Jersey Journal Great Cow Contest.

An Excellent-90% daughter of “Asteroid” sired by BW Academy-ET, GJPI +66, was the high seller at $4,000. Michele B. Reasner placed the final bid on Marys Adrian-ET to bring her home to JEMI Jerseys, the farm in Newburg, Pa., she operates with her husband, Jeff. “Adrian” enjoys a special place in their hearts as the Reasners housed her dam with their herd for some time and brought her to a number of shows with their own string.

“Adrian” was fresh in mid-December. She gave 55 lbs. milk for the tester in March and has is projected to 17,801 lbs. milk, 946 lbs. fat and 617 lbs. protein actual at 5-2. She sold bred to River Valley Cece Chrome-ET, GJPI +189, in mid-February.

Her dam’s show winning also include Intermediate Champion of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Junior Jersey Show in 2011 and Reserve Grand Champion laurels the following year. Sired by SC Gold Dust Paramount Iatola-ET, GJPI +21, “Asteroid” has 17,780 lbs. milk, 985 lbs. fat and 696 lbs. protein at 3-6.

The next dam, Rachels Aristocracy, is a Very Good-89% daughter of Piedmont Prize Socrates, JPI -93, with 17,610 lbs. milk, 863 lbs. fat and 669 lbs. protein at 2-1. The next dam is a Very Good-86% daughter of Rock Maple Brook Montana-ET, GJPI -46, with a best record of 6-9 305 19,380 4.3% 842 3.7% 713 99DCR. Her Very Good-85% fourth dam has five lactations and made her top record of 20,170 lbs. milk, 1,084 lbs. fat and 806 lbs. protein at 5-5. The next dam is a Very Good-88% daughter of Bold Venture, GJPI -63, with an m.e. of 24,047–1,321–931 on her first lactation.

“Althea,” the consignment’s sixth dam, is the protein champion of the 2000 Leading Living Lifetime Production Contest with credits of 217,972 lbs. milk, 10,060 lbs. fat and 8,800 lbs. protein. She has more than 130 male descendants in A.I. and numerous female descendants that have ranked among the breed’s best for genetic merit.

Richman Farms Inc., Lodi, Ohio, purchased the second-high sellers, a mother-daughter duo from the “Asteroid” family. The dairy paid $2,000 each for “Adrian’s” maternal sister, Marys Arielle-ET, and her daughter, Annes Pilgrim 142 Alia.

“Arielle” is a Very Good-84% daughter of Bridon Excitation, GJPI -65, who sold due to Chilli Action Colton-ET, GJPI +18, with her fourth calf in September. “Alia” is sired by Cal-Mart Medalist Pilgrim, GJPI +152. She freshened with her first calf in mid-December and sold short bred to “Chrome.” She gave 44 lbs. milk on her March test and has a projected m.e. of 15,000–708–557 at 2-2. “Arielle” is entered in the 2020 National Jersey Jug Futurity.

Matthew Fagan, Cambridge, Ind., placed the last bid of $1,700 on the third high-seller, JX Rachels Harris Rosie {5}. The Very Good-82% daughter of JX Schultz Volcano Harris {4}, GJPI +163, hails from a cow family that has fared well in the show ring for the Rawns as well.

“Rosie {5}” was fresh in mid-December and sold short bred to “Chrome.” She gave 59 lbs. milk on her March test and is projected to 15,256 lbs. milk, 707 lbs. fat and 559 lbs. protein actual at 3-5. Her dam is a Very Good-88% “Iatola” daughter. Her third dam is a Very Good-80% daughter of Bancrest Lester Avery, GJPI -1, with a seven lactation m.e. average of 16,693–791–579. Her daughter, Rachels Rosette, Excellent-90%, was Intermediate Champion of the Ohio Spring Dairy Expo in 2007 and placed among the top 10 in the open or junior shows at the All American three times.

The fourth dam of “Rosie {5}” is appraised Very Good-86% and made a best record of 20,110 lbs. milk, 912 lbs. fat and 678 lbs. protein at 5-5. The Very Good-81% fifth dam has an m.e. average of 17,875–798–646 on two records.

The volume buyer was Willis Schrock of Russellville, Ky., who purchased 13 lots for $14,250.


Dairy producers from six states invested in Rawn Registered Jersey genetics and a handful of Holsteins at the Rawn Dispersal. The auction brought to a close nearly a century of dairy cattle breeding for the Rawn family.