Western National Jersey Show 2019

September 1, 2019 - Salem, Ore.
129 head
Judge: Dean Dohle, Halfway, Mo.

River Valley Excitation Flawless-ET_19

River Valley Excitation Flawless-ET
Reserve Grand Champion
Misty Meadow Dairy, Tillamook, Ore.

Twin Cty Premier Sisown-ET_19

Twin Cty Premier Sisown-ET
Reserve Intermediate Champion
Moretti Dairy, Tillamook, Ore.

Exels Applejack Joker 3101_19

Exels Applejack Joker 3101
Reserve Senior Champion
Madison Van Exel, Lodi, Calif.

Big Guns Andreas Valencia-ET_19

Big Guns Andreas Valencia-ET
Reserve Junior Champion
Garry Jay Hansen, Mulino, Ore.

• Senior and Grand Champion female—Pacific Edge Matrix Zorra {5}, Brent L. Rocha, Tillamook, Ore.
• Intermediate and Reserve Grand Champion female—River Valley Excitation Flawless-ET, Misty Meadow Dairy, Tillamook, Ore.
• Reserve Senior Champion female—Exels Applejack Joker 3101, Madison Van Exel, Lodi, Calif.
• Reserve Intermediate Champion female—Twin Cty Premier Sisown-ET, Moretti Dairy, Tillamook, Ore.
• Junior Champion female—Arethusa Impression Selia, Rancho Teresita Dairy, Tulare, Calif.
• Reserve Junior Champion female—Big Guns Andreas Valencia-ET, Garry Jay Hansen, Mulino, Ore.

Class Winners

Summer heifer calf (2 shown)
1. Krahn Girls Colton Nutmeg, Gracie Jane Krahn, Albany, Ore.

Junior heifer calf (10 shown)
1. Lady Lane Impression Josephine, Garry Jay Hansen, Mulino, Ore.
2. Big Guns Andreas Vintage-ET, Kara Hale and Joe and Sarah Rocha, Cloverdale, Ore.
3. Pacific Edge Gentry Kendle-ET, Brent L. Rocha, Tillamook, Ore.

Intermediate heifer calf (8 shown)
1. Pacific Edge Premier Diva-ET, Brent L. Rocha
2. Stoney Point Applejack Lilliana, Patrick Marvin Gourley, Portland, Ore.
3. Aspire Fizz For The Lady, Kylie Konyn, Escondido, Calif.

Senior heifer calf (10 shown)
1. Underground Mochachino-ET, Jessica Silacci, Petaluma, Calif.
2. Claquato-RH Joel Funny, Jeffrey and Rebecca Seals, Cloverdale, Ore.
3. Lady Lane Tequila Primestar, Garry Jay Hansen

Summer yearling heifer (8 shown)
1. Pacific Edge Premier Kahlua-ET, Brent L. Rocha
2. Hillacres Bang Bang Massawippi, Moretti Dairy and Nathan Jensen, Beaver, Ore.
3. Krahn Girls VIP Serendipity, Gracie and Clancey Krahn, Albany, Ore.

Junior yearling heifer (8 shown)
1. Claquato-LB Victorious Nora, Lauryn Young and Bailie Shultz, Chehalis, Wash.
2. Royalty Ridge MB VIP Fun, Jeffrey and Rebecca Seals
3. JX Mortimers Tequila Cowgirl {6}, Delon Mortimer, Smithfield, Utah

Intermediate yearling heifer (8 shown)
1. Roggua Robindale Just One Look-ET, Misty Meadow Dairy, Tillamook, Ore.
2. Ratliff Showdown Vanna-ET, Larry Mortimer and Todd Killpack, Rigby, Idaho
3. Budjon-Vail VIP Milwaukee-ET, Jeffrey and Rebecca Seals

Senior yearling heifer (5 shown)
1. Arethusa Impression Selia (S: Rock Ella Impression-ET, D: Arethusa Gunman Stassi), Rancho Teresita Dairy, Tulare, Calif., jr. champ.
2. Big Guns Andreas Valencia-ET (S: Sunset Canyon Andreas, Big Guns Jamaica Vanilla), Garry Jay Hansen, res. jr. champ.
3. Milksource Gentry Mayhem-ET, Misty Meadow Dairy

Milking yearling (8 shown)
1. Flowers Valson Flowergirl, Frigot, Lancaster, Mahovlic and Phillips, Tillamook, Ore.
2. Kash-In Renaissance 53370-ET, Rancho Teresita Dairy
3. Pacific Edge Colton Jazmin-ET, Brent L. Rocha

Junior 2-yr.-old cow (8 shown)
1. Kash-In Archer Jenny, Rancho Teresita Dairy
2. Royalty Ridge-RF Gentry Fabulous-ET, Roger Fluegal and Ryan and Freynie Lancaster, Ferndale, Wash.
3. Arethuracres Tequila Miracle-ET, Brent L. Rocha

Senior 2-yr.-old cow (9 shown)
1. Stoney Point Andreas Becca, Kara Hale and Joe and Sarah Rocha
2. Renner Farm Joel Jenga, Blake Renner, Fortuna, Calif.
3. Royalty Ridge MB Joel Fairlady, Tatum Grace Lancaster, Tillamook, Ore.

Junior 3-yr.-old cow (13 shown)
1. Twin Cty Premier Sisown-ET (S: Hawarden Impuls Premier, D: Schulte Bros Tequila Shot-ET), Moretti Dairy, Tillamook, Ore., res. int. champ.
2. Royalty Ridge-Riversong Hazel, Freynie Lancaster and Anna Seaholm, Tillamook, Ore.
3. Exels Tequila Falcon 3719, Hank and Carolyn Vanexel, Lodi, Calif.

Senior 3-yr.-old cow (8 shown)
1. River Valley Excitation Flawless-ET (S: Bridon Excitation, D: Mi-San 2 Verbatim Effortless), Misty Meadow Dairy, int. and res. gr. champ.
2. Stoney Point Gunman Maddie, Brent Rocha and Mike Podshadly, Cloverdale, Ore.
3. Topline Tequila Champagne, Jack Swanson, Hilmar, Calif.

4-yr.-old cow (6 shown)
1. Pacific Edge Matrix Zorra {5} (S: KCJF Remakes Matrix, Laguna Jade Zorra {4}), Brent L. Rocha, sr. and gr. champ.
2. Exels Applejack Joker 3101 (S: Steinhauers Iatola Applejack, D: Exels Resurection Jean 2452), Madison Van Exel, Lodi, Calif., res. sr. champ.
3. Royalty Ridge Excitation Marlie, Ryan and Freynie Lancaster and Mike Berry, Tillamook, Ore.

5 yr.-old cow (7 shown)
1. Stoney Point Comerica Kathie, Kash-In Jerseys, Tulare, Calif.
2. Pacific Edge Determinant Prude, David M. Rocha, Tillamook, Ore.
3. Woodmohr-Townside Virbrant-ET, Jeffrey and Rebecca Seals

Aged cow (4 shown)
1. Windy Willow Impression Lori J, Natalie Berry and Nicole Sanders, Hilmar
2. Stoney Point Verb Blush, Joey and Sara Rocha, Kara Hale and Brent Rocha and Mike Podschadly,
Tillamook, Ore.
3. Elliotts Tequila Romance, Garry J. Hansen and Patrick M. Gourley, Canby, Ore.

Lifetime Cheese Production (1 shown)
1. Laguna Hired Gun Joanne-ET, Brent L. Rocha

Junior best three females (4 shown)
1. Pacific Edge Jerseys, Tillamook, Ore.
2. Lauryn Young, Chehalis, Wash.
3. Gracie Krahn, Albany, Ore.

Senior best three females (4 shown)
1. Pacific Edge Jerseys
2. Royalty Ridge, Tillamook, Ore.
3. Kash-In Holsteins and Jerseys, Tulare, Calif.

Exhibitor’s herd (3 shown)
1. Pacific Edge Jerseys
2. Royalty Ridge

Produce of dam (4 shown)
1. Lauryn Young
2. Pacific Edge Jerseys
3. Pacific Edge Jerseys

Dam and daughter (3 shown)
1. Pacific Edge Jerseys
2. Pacific Edge Jerseys

Florida State Fair Junior Show

Reich-Dale Sambo Secede-ET was named Grand Champion for Lilly Larson, Okeechobee, at the Florida State Fair Junior Jersey Show on February 17, 2019. JX Governors Cami RC {5}, shown by Kyleigh Glenn, Plant City, was named Reserve Grand Champion. Carrie Sears, South Deerfield, Mass., judged the 60 Registered Jerseys shown in Tampa.


Esperanza GA Vivian
Grand Champion
Rivendale Farms of Pittsburgh LLC, Bulgar, Pa.


Esperanza GA Vivian
Reserve Grand Champion
Rivendale Farms of Pittsburgh LLC, Bulgar, Pa.

Class Winners

Junior heifer calf (6 shown)
LGL Oliver M&M L813, Hannah Butler, Lorida

Intermediate heifer calf (9 shown)
LML Oliver Caremel L809, Levi Larson, Okeechobee, best bred and owned

Senior heifer calf (7 shown)
Hol-Gem Velocity Nebraska (S: Arethusa Jade Velocity-ET, D: Cowbell Impression Nevada-ET), Elizabeth Sutton, Sun City, jr. champ.

Summer yearling heifer (2 shown)
IOF Everett Scene Buttercup, Nathan Warfel, Dade City

Junior yearling heifer (11 shown)
Wingerts Roman Daphne (S: Roseys Tequila Roman, D: Ryans Blackjack Daisy), Elizabeth Sutton, res. jr. champ.

Intermediate yearling heifer (5 shown)
La-Foster Colton Vonita, Elizabeth Sutton

Senior yearling heifer (7 shown)
Harkway Ringman Polly, Aubrey Cook, Wimauma

Junior 2-yr.-old (3 shown)
Coltons Lolas Thelma, Emily Shvetzoff, Dade City

Senior 2-yr.-old cow (2 shown)
West Oinkers Dividend Luna, Emily Kirk, Zephyrhills

4-yr.-old cow (3 shown)
JX Governors Cami RC {5} (S: Griffens Governor-ET, D: JX Claurice Carter To The Show {4}), Kyleigh Glenn, Plant City, res. sr. champ. and res. gr. champ.

5-yr.-old cow (2 shown)
Reich-Dale Sambo Secede-ET (S: Lester Sambo, D: Reich-Dale GC Sequence-ET), Lilly Larson, Okeechobee, sr. and gr. champ.

Aged cow (4 shown)
H&N Olivia Sugar N Spice, Nicholas Hammer, Tampa

Dry cow (1 shown)
Sunset Harvest Juicy Girl {2}, Kyleigh Glenn