Effective March 2018 by the American Jersey Cattle Association Board of Directors

The purpose of the Jersey Journal is to promote Jerseys and to serve as the media to carry Jersey news and ads to the owners of Jerseys and other interested parties. To fulfill this purpose, the following policies have been established by the Board of Directors:

Editorial Policy. The editorial policy of the Jersey Journal is to reflect the positions and programs of the Jersey breed as established by the Board of Directors.

Advertising Policy. The policy of the AJCA concerning breed advertisements in the Jersey Journal is that all advertising may include references to Registered Jerseys and those eligible for Identification services of the AJCA as well as animals of other dairy breeds owned by the advertiser. Advertising involving politics and ads criticizing Jerseys and/or Jersey programs will be declined.

As an integral part of the AJCA recorded name, Generation Count must be published and included with shortened names. Ads must include bulls’ Breed Base Representation values when available. Advertising offering semen for sale must completely identify the seller.

The Jersey Journal will use CDCB genetic evaluations for foreign animals if information is available. If CDCB information is not available, the origin of the information used will be listed.

Letter to the Editor. This column is made available to include discussion of opinions, policies and problems, and other subjects provided the comments are constructive. Derogatory letters mentioning individual names or animals will not be published, neither will political or anonymous letters.

When the Editor receives ads or letters which are believed to be questionable, these will be referred to the Development Committee of the Board. A majority vote of the committee will be final. When the committee is divided or so requests, the material in question will be submitted to the Board of Directors for a decision.