$7,900 Average for 69th All American Jersey Sale

High-end genomics took center stage at this year’s All American Jersey Sale, held in conjunction with All American festivities in Louisville, Ky., on November 7. Jersey breeders invested in the best-of-the-best, syndicating the breed’s #1 bull for protein, Legendairy Ducati-ET, for $92,600 and purchasing another 64 female lots for an average of $6,586.33. The sale gross of $514,125 ranks third high in the series while the overall average of $7,909.62 on 65 lots ranks fourth.

“Ducati” will be sampled in cooperation with Select Sires Inc. of Plain City, Ohio. The young bull sired by Hillview Listowel-P has Genomic Performance Transmitting Abilities (GPTAs) of +1,598M, +69F and +67P (November 2021). He ranks #3 for Cheese Merit Dollars (CM$) at +810 and is A2A2 for beta casein. As well, he tested free for Jersey Haplotype 1 and Jersey Neuropathy with Splayed Forelimbs.

Rights to an invitro-fertilization session with one of his maternal sisters, Legendairy Jiggy Daiquiri-ET, was cataloged as Lot 1 and sold for $18,000 to ABS Global Inc., De Forest, Wis. With the purchase, the animal genetics company will choose the mating sire and receive all #1 and #2 embryos.

“Daiquiri” is a July 2020 daughter of JX Kash-In Got Jiggy {6}-ET that ranked #3 for CM$ among genotyped heifers on sale day. She has current GPTAs of +1,436M, +71F, +56P and +816CM$. She ranks #16 among all genotyped females with a GJPI of +163.

“Ducati” and rights to flush “Daiquiri” were consigned by Thomas L. and Jennie L. Seals, Beaver, Ore. They hail from the “D” cow family developed by the Seals family. Their ninth dam is Duncan Brave PR Dee, winner of the 1989 Pot O’Gold Production Contest and the 1990 National Jersey Youth Production Contest.

Other High Selling Females

Another “Jiggy {6}” daughter was the high selling female at $51,000. JX Crosswind Jiggy 12136 {6} sold absentee to Peak Genetics of Watertown, Wis. The three-month-old heifer calf ranks #52 among genotyped females with a GJPI of +157. She is plus for the fertility traits Daughter Pregnancy Rate (+0.2DPR), Cow Conception Rate (+1.0CCR) and Heifer Conception Rate (+2.0HCR). Her genetic evaluations for production stand at +860M, +67F (+0.11%) and +48P (+0.07%).

She was consigned by Crosswind Jerseys, Elkton, S.D.

JX Gold Medal Chatham 47930 {5} was the second high selling female at $36,000. She was purchased by Select Sires and consigned by Grant Ahlem, represented by AJCA-NAJ Area Representative Seth Israelsen, front left. Also pictured are 2021 National Jersey Queen Kylie Konyn and AJCA-NAJ Area Representative Rylee McCown. In the box are Greg Lavan, JMS Manager, and Chris Hill, auctioneer.

Select Sires purchased the second high-selling female, JX Gold Medal Chatham 47930 {5}, for $36,000. Also selling absentee, the April 2021 daughter of JX Primus Enzo Chatham {4}-ET has GPTAs of +845M, +65F and +41P. She ranks on the top genetic lists with a GJPI of +145 and is +643 for the Dairy Wellness Profit Index by Zoetis.

“Chatham 47930 {5}” was consigned by Grant Ahlem, Hilmar, Calif.

Sexing Technologies, represented by Erica Davis, second right, purchased the third high selling female, Jer-Z-Boyz Jiggy 76647, for $27,000. She was consigned by Jer-Z-Boyz, represented by Tim Baumgartner, right. Lauren Albright is on the halter.


Sexing Technologies also purchased the fourth high selling female, Dupat Chief 23918-ET, for $21,000. She was consigned by Wickstrom Jersey Farms Inc., represented by Area Representative Israelsen, far left. Regan Johnson is on the halter.

Sexing Technologies, South Charleston, Ohio, purchased the third and fourth high selling females. They took home Jer-Z-Boyz Jiggy 76647 with a final bid of $27,000. The November 2020, high component “Jiggy” daughter is +404M, +66F (+0.21%) and +38P (+0.11%). She has a GJPI of +146 and is +1.1 for Type. Her dam is an Excellent daughter of Forest Glen Premium Gold with a three lactation m.e. average of 21,608—1,201—889.

She was consigned by Jer-Z-Boyz of Pixley, Calif.

Sexing Technologies also purchased Dupat Chief 23918-ET for $21,000. The January 2021 daughter of JX River Valley Chief {6}-ET is backed by five Very Good or Excellent dams. She has a GJPI of +135 and production indexes of +1,014M, +50F and +37P. She is +1.7 for Type. Her dam is an Excellent-93% daughter of Hi-Land Paul Fearless with 23,990 lbs. milk, 1,206 lbs. fat and 887 lbs. protein at 4-7.

She was consigned by Wickstrom Jersey Farms Inc., Hilmar, Calif.

Ahlem Caliban Benita 60522 was the sixth high selling female, purchased by Sexing Technologies for $17,500. She was consigned by Ahlem Farms Jerseys, represented by Jonathan Merriam, left. Cassie Bohnert is on the halter.

Two previously mentioned genetic companies were on the buying end of the sixth and seventh high selling female lots as well. ABS Global purchased Ahlem Caliban Benita 60552 for $17,500. She hails from the “Benita” cow family developed by consignor Ahlem Farms Jerseys, Hilmar, Calif. The nine-month-old daughter of Primus Viceroy Caliban-ET has a GJPI of +143. Her Very Good-83% dam has an m.e. of 21,303—1,105—856 on her first lactation and ranks #20 among genotyped cows with a GJPI of +139.

Sexing Technologies chose JX Sunny Ridge Saban Renae {5} for $16,000. Sired by JX Faria Brothers Altasaban {4}-ET, the June heifer calf ranked #45 in the breed for CM$ on sale day and has a current index of +755. She has GPTAs of +1,047M, +79F and +47P and is +150 for GJPI. She is backed by the “Renae” cow family, which was developed by Huffard Dairy Farms, Crockett, Va., and sent numerous bulls to A.I.

“Saban Renae {5}” was consigned by David and Kimberly Seals, Tillamook, Ore.


In all, 53 buyers from 20 states across the country made purchases. The pedigrees of this year’s offering read like a who’s who of the Jersey breed’s most impactful cow families, giving buyers opportunity to add crème de la crème genetics to their herds in a variety of options, from milking cows to heifers to IVF rights and choices.

The sale was managed by Jersey Marketing Service, with online bidding and the auction conducted live through CowBuyer.com. Chris Hill was the auctioneer.

The All American Jersey Sale is just one of the highlights of All American events sponsored by the American Jersey Cattle Association. The sale is planned by an All American Sale Committee that begins work in March of the sale year. This year’s 69th event was chaired by Joel Albright of Willard, Ohio. Ted DeMent, Kenney, Ill., was associate chair and served as the official judge for the All American Jersey Show on November 8 too. Twenty-eight other Jersey breeders from across the country served on the sale committee as well.

The American Jersey Cattle Association, organized in 1868, compiles and maintains animal identification and performance data on Jersey cattle and provides services that support genetic improvement and greater profitability. Since 1957, National All-Jersey Inc. has provided services that increase the value of and demand for Jersey milk and milk products and Registered Jersey™ cattle and genetics.

For more information, contact the American Jersey Cattle Association by email at info@usjersey.com. Or visit its website at USJersey.com. Connect socially at Facebook.com/USJersey.

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