At-Home Baking Bolsters Dairy Demand

Though overall demand for dairy products may be down due to the closure of restaurants with the COVID-19 pandemic, it is being offset with an uptake in demand at home, according to the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) in its publication, The Dairy Bar.

Leading the way are sales of butter, up more than 50% between late March and early April 2020 as compared to the same time last year. With more time at home, consumers appear to be turning on the oven. Google Trends data points to a surge in searches for chocolate chip cookie recipes, and the top hit uses a full cup of butter.

As well, sales of frozen pizza are up nearly 40% as compared to last year. Demand for cheese is up 35% and sales of ice cream have increased more than 20%. Sales of fluid milk have also improved this year, up nearly 20%.

Though retail sales growth has slowed from the initial push to fill the fridge in the stock-up-to-stay-at-home movement, consumers have continued strong demand for butter, cheese, ice cream, and fluid milk in the weeks since.

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