Deadline for CentralStar’s 2020 Internships Approaching

CentralStar Cooperative is offering nine agricultural-related internships for the summer of 2020. Six are in the artificial insemination (A.I.) field and two in milk and diagnostic testing. A position in research and development is also available.

The A.I. interns will have opportunity to experience a career in the A.I. industry and work with the breed’s most elite females to produce the next generation of impact bulls and females. This internship provides a chance to learn and provide A.I. in both large-herd, commercial operations and registered elite embryo programs throughout Wisconsin, Michigan, and Indiana.

Laboratory interns are part of a dynamic team that analyzes samples and reports component and diagnostic results from dairy and beef producers. These internships provide opportunities to experience a variety of sample-analysis platforms and sample-processing methodologies.

The research and development intern will help discover and validate new diagnostic tests utilizing some of the latest molecular and immunological techniques and technologies. This intern will have a chance to collaborate with researchers, veterinarians and producers as samples are collected and studies are conducted.

Application deadline is October 31, 2019. Apply at