GJPI Awards Debut at 2019 All American Jersey Show

The All American Jersey Show introduced a new concept to the show arena in 2019 – an award for the heifer or cow with the highest genomic GJPI in her class. No minimum value for GJPI was set, the animals simply needed to be genomic tested and shown in their respective class. Upon the completion of the individual classes, the winning individuals were invited to compete for the titles of GJPI Junior Champion heifer or GJPI Grand Champion cow. Semex sponsored these awards, presenting a cash award to the highest GJPI individual of each show, along with the Semex Elevate© Trophy, banner and cash award for both the GJPI Junior and Grand Champions.

A list of the winning animals is below. The GJPI Junior Champion (pictured left) was Homeridge T Annette, GJPI -49, exhibited by K. Nickels, T. Freson, M. Sell and S. Stanford, Watertown, Wis. She is a Tower Vue Prime Tequila-ET, GJPI -123, daughter from a Hawarden Impuls Premier, GJPI +78, dam. The 2019 GJPI Grand Champion was shown by Keightley & Core Jerseys, Salvisa, Ky. Their entry, KCJF Colton Dancer {5} (pictured above), is a Chilli Action Colton, GJPI +10, who has a GJPI of +1.

2019 All American GJPI Class Champions
Individual Class Animal Exhibitor GJPI
Junior Heifer Calf Ratliff Colton Blazin-ET Larry Mortimer, Rigby, Idaho +32
Intermediate Heifer Calf Edan Nitro Firecracker Brock Hoskins, Coon Valley, Wis. +38
Senior Heifer Calf Edan Denmark Blue Fox-PP Corrina Aldrich, Salem, N.Y. +104
Summer Yearling Heifer South Mountain Champagne Fizz-ET Buster Goff, Hobbs, N.M. -61
Winter Yearling Heifer Homeridge T Annette K. Nickels, T. Freson, M. Sell, and S. Stanford, Watertown, Wis. -49
Cow Classes
Milking Yearling Pacific Edge Colton Jazmin-ET Brent Rocha, Tillamook, Ore. +13
Junior Two-Year-Old Cow KCJF Colton Dancer {5} Keightley & Core Jerseys, Salvisa, Ky. +1
Senior Two-Year-Old Cow River Valley NXLVL Buttons 4842-ET River Valley Farm, Tremont, Ill. +186
Junior Three-Year-Old Cow Twin Star Visionary 3009 {4} Tyler Miranda, Turlock, Calif. +81
Senior Three-Year-Old Cow Starfields Classis Cosmopolitan Utah State University, Logan, Utah +91
Four-Year-Old Cow Lyon AJack Bay Glamourview – Iager & Walton, Walkersville, Md. +43
Five-Year-Old Cow Lake-Point Premier Valyria Grant, Grace, Hannah and Ellie Fremstad, Westby, Wis. +62
Cow Six Years & Over Windy Willow Impression Lori J Natalie Berry and Nicole Sanders, Hilmar, Calif. -28
Lifetime Cheese Production Laguna Hired Gun Joanne-ET Pacific Edge and David Jordan, Tillamook, Ore. +13
National Jersey Jug Futurity Ky-Hi Axis Brooke Kylie Lehr, Canastota, N.Y. +97
More Information

For more information about these classes, see the January 2020 issue of the Jersey Journal.