Jersey Journal Visits WDE Champions

On Monday, October 14, Jersey Journal staff had the opportunity to visit Triple T Holsteins and Jerseys in North Lewisburg, Ohio, to visit this year’s International Jersey Show Champions – Bri-Lin Valson Spritz and Showdown Justine. The duo is owned by Vierra Dairy, Hilmar, Calif., but housed in the rolling hills of central Ohio.

Triple T is owned by Nathan and Jenny Thomas, along with their children Colton, Kendall and Camryn. Triple-T specializes in breeding high-end Holstein and Jersey genetics, while also boarding animals for dairy enthusiasts around the United States. Triple-T has exhibited and housed a multitude of champion animals throughout their tenure in the industry.

Watch for the November 2019 issue of the Jersey Journal! This beautiful champion pair will be gracing the cover.