Jersey Production Achievements Honored in Iowa

Four Cows Honored for Production Achievements

Four cows were honored for outstanding production achievements at the Annual Meetings of the American Jersey Cattle Association (AJCA) in Bettendorf, Iowa, on June 25, 2021.

4W Pusher Lizzie, owned by Brittany Core, Salvisa, Ky., and bred by James N. Wright Jr., Russellville, Ky., received the Ogston Trophy for lifetime milk production. For the second time, Dutch Hollow Rebel Diva-P, bred and owned by Karin Chittenden Couch of Dutch Hollow Farms, Schodack Landing, N.Y., was presented with the High Lawn Trophy for lifetime fat production and the Edyvean Farm Trophy for lifetime protein production.

Dutch Hollow Rebel Diva-P, Excellent-92%

“Lizzie” has lifetime totals of 312,124 lbs. milk, 13,523 lbs. fat and 11,100 lbs. protein in 4,053 days. “Diva-P” has 296,779 lbs. milk, 16,781 lbs. fat and 11,245 lbs. protein in 4,753 days.

Two other cows were also recognized for single lactation production achievements. Cinnamon Ridge Method Bulgaria received the President’s Trophy for mature equivalent protein yield. She is owned by Amy Maxwell and bred by Kara Alice Maxwell, both of Cinnamon Ridge Jerseys, Donahue, Iowa. SLJ AJ Weijah earned the Hilmar Cheese Yield Trophy for actual cheese yield production. She is owned by Maelee Clark, Seneca, Mo., and was bred by Hays State Line Jerseys, also of Seneca.

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Leading Living Lifetime Production Contest

The 2020 Leading Living Lifetime Production Contest distinguishes cows alive as of December 31, 2020, who produced a minimum of 225,000 lbs. milk, 10,000 lbs. fat or 8,000 lbs. protein. Seventeen cows met the minimum nomination requirements for the contest.

As a group, the top 10 in each category produced 283,320 lbs. milk, 13,707 lbs. fat and 10,053 lbs. protein. Average daily production on these totals is 71.2 lbs. milk, 3.5 lbs. fat and 2.56 lbs. protein. A genetically diverse group, no two cows among the top 10 are sired by the same bull. Twenty bulls account for the 24 maternal and paternal grandsires in their pedigrees. All but one are appraised Excellent, proving longevity and functional type go hand in hand. Three are appraised Excellent-94% and one is Excellent-95%.

“Lizzie,” this year’s lifetime milk leader, moved up in the rankings from last year with an additional 23,128 lbs. milk, 868 lbs. fat and 818 lbs. protein in her lifetime totals. She ranks second for protein and fifth for fat in the 2020 contest. Her average daily production across 11 lactations is 77 lbs. milk, 3.34 lbs. fat and 2.74 lbs. protein.

The Excellent-94% daughter of 4W Golden Pusher, JPI -73, produced each of her 11 lactations in the herd at Keightley-Core Jerseys of Salvisa. Eight of them exceed 23,000 lbs. milk. She produced 28,480 lbs. milk, 1,129 lbs. fat and 1,001 lbs. protein at 10-9, then followed that lactation with a record that ranks for cheese yield on the current National Class Leader list: 28,820 lbs. milk, 1,316 lbs. fat, 999 lbs. protein, and 3,425 cheese yield at 11-11.

The 15-year-old freshened with her 12th calf in early July 2020 and peaked with 90 lbs. milk for the tester in October. She is projected to make an actual 305-day record of 22,648 lbs. milk, 877 lbs. fat and 782 lbs. protein at 14-4. “Lizzie” has four registered daughters and made her debut in the lifetime contest in 2018.

Bolle-Acres Sambo Belle ranks second for lifetime milk again this year and fourth for both fat and protein with 311,389 lbs. milk, 13,963 lbs. fat and 10,813 lbs. protein in 3,649 days. She is owned and bred by Max Bollenbacher and Family of Argos, Ind. The 15-year-old leads her peers for daily milk production with 85.3 lbs. milk. Daily yield for components is 3.83 lbs. fat and 2.96 lbs. protein.

The Excellent-90% daughter of Lester Sambo, GJPI -88, freshened with her 12th calf―her fourth daughter―in October 2020. She gave 106 lbs. milk for the tester in January and is projected to make an actual 305-day record of 22,462 lbs. milk, 937 lbs. fat and 760 lbs. protein at 15-1. Another 20,000 lbs. milk record is almost expected since her previous nine lactations also exceed the milestone. Her top record is 7-7 305 3x 26,320 4.4% 1,151 3.4% 892 90DCR.

The winner of the 2019 Ogston Trophy for lifetime milk, Lawtons Rescue Finess, ranks third for milk, 10th for fat and sixth for protein this year with 311,032 lbs. milk, 12,351 lbs. fat and 10,028 lbs. protein in 4,529 days. The Excellent-91% daughter of Schultz Declo Rescue, GJPI -67, is owned and bred by Timothy Lawton, Newark Valley, N.Y.

She has nine complete lactations, with daily production of 68.7 lbs. milk, 2.73 lbs. fat and 2.21 lbs. protein. Eight of her lactations exceed 20,000 lbs. milk. Three back-to-back records exceed 29,000 lbs. milk. Her 10-6 record of 29,020 lbs. milk, 1,075 lbs. fat and 887 lbs. milk ranks on the current National Class Leader list for milk.

Sadly, “Finess” left the herd in May. The Lawtons will continue to develop her descendants, which include five daughters, and other members of the productive, long-lived “F” cow family at Lawton Jersey Farm.

Lawtons Rescue Finess, Excellent-91%

“Diva-P,” winner of the component divisions of the 2020 lifetime contest, ranks fourth for milk in this year’s contest as well. The Excellent-92% daughter of O.F. Mannix Rebel-ET, GJPI -18, has daily production equivalents of 62.4 lbs. milk, 3.53 lbs. fat and 2.37 lbs. protein.

The 16-year-old has ranked in the contest longer than any of her peers. She made her debut in the 2016 contest and steadily rose in the rankings, earning the top spot for components the past two years.

“Diva-P” has been in the donor dam program at Dutch Hollow Farm and calved with her last calf in December 2015. She has six lactations, with a top record of 28,250 lbs. milk, 1,529 lbs. fat and 906 lbs. protein at 8-6. She added 14,330 lbs. milk, 943 lbs. fat and 619 lbs. protein to her lifetime totals during the calendar year 2020. Though she left the herd in January, her legacy continues with 23 registered progeny to date. Included in this group is a son, Dutch Hollow Lexicon-P, GJPI +28, at Genex. Her dam, Dutch Hollow Klassic Deva-P-ET, Very Good-88%, also plac3ed in the lifetime production contest in 2014.

The winner of the 2019 Hilmar Cheese Yield Trophy and the 2016 National Jersey Youth Achievement Contest, SLJ Country Majerle, makes another appearance on the list of lifetime leaders. The matriarch owned by Treasure Clark, Seneca, Mo., and bred by Crystal Renee Hays, also of Seneca, ranks fifth for milk and third for fat and protein. She has lifetime totals of 286,092 lbs. milk, 14,021 lbs. protein and 10,897 lbs. protein in 3,475 days. Among her peers, she is the high producer for daily protein at 3.14 lbs. and ranks second for daily milk and fat production at 82.3 lbs. and 4.03 lbs., respectively.

The 13-year-old is an Excellent-94% daughter of BW Country-ET, GJPI -34, with seven complete lactations. Her fourth and most recent lactations are on the current National Class Leader list. At 5-7, she produced 34,020 lbs. milk, 1,852 lbs. fat and 1,333 lbs. protein, with a cheese yield of 4,614 lbs. At 9-11, she made 33,010 lbs. milk, 1,811 lbs. fat and 1,363 lbs. protein, with a cheese yield of 4,721 lbs.

“Majerle” has been an equity builder for the herd too, with five registered daughters.

Cold Run Tex Vex makes an appearance on the top listing again this year ranked second for lifetime fat production. Bred and owned by Cold Run Jerseys LLC, Salem, Ohio, the 10-year-old has 224,828 lbs. milk, 14,626 lbs. fat and 8,544 lbs. protein in 2,810 days. With average daily production of 80 lbs. milk, 5.2 lbs. fat and 3.04 lbs. protein, she easily leads the group of top producers for daily fat production with a full pound more butterfat per day than her closest peer.

“Vex” is an Excellent-91% daughter of Cold Run Monroe Tex, JPI -30. She has nine complete lactations―seven of them over 23,800 lbs. milk, 1,600 lbs. fat and 870 lbs. protein. She has a top record of 6-5 305 29,420 6.7% 1,965 3.7% 1,082 104DCR. During 2020, she added 28,238 lbs. milk, 1,636 lbs. fat and 1,137 lbs. protein to her lifetime totals to move up from a fifth-place finish in last year’s contest. Though she left the herd in mid-May, the family continues to be developed at Cold Run through six daughters.

Rounding out the top five ranking cows is a newcomer to the list, Will Do Jace Healer-ET, bred and owned by Edwin R. and Cheryl F. Ettinger, Kinards, S.C. The 16-year-old has lifetime totals of 283,594 lbs. milk, 13,318 lbs. fat and 10,528 lbs. protein in 4,336 days. The marks rank fifth for protein and sixth for milk and fat.

Will Do Jace Healer, Excellent-95%

The daughter of Windy Willow Montana Jace {6}, GJPI -20, is the highest appraised cow among the top 10 in the contest at Excellent-95%. A member of the “H” cow family, she is one of the foundation cows at Will Do Jerseys. She has 20 registered progeny to date and is backed by five Excellent dams with stellar production records. “Healer” has a dozen complete lactations. Eight of them are over 20,000 lbs. milk. She made her top record of 25,050 lbs. milk, 1,106 lbs. fat and 922 lbs. protein at 9-3.

Hilmar Cheese Yield and President’s Trophy

The Hilmar Cheese Yield Trophy is presented to the cow with the highest yield of 38% moisture Cheddar cheese, calculated from actual production of no more than 305 days and completed during the calendar year. The award was first given in 1992. The President’s Trophy is awarded annually to the Jersey cow with the highest m.e. protein yield during the test year and has been presented since 1923.

As previously mentioned, the winner of the Hilmar Cheese Yield Trophy is SLJ AJ Weijah. The Excellent-90% daughter of Steinhauers Iatola Applejack, GJPI -62, produced an actual record of 30,810 lbs. milk, 1,857 lbs. fat (6.0%) and 1,354 lbs. protein (4.4%) and a cheese yield of 4,694 lbs. to win the award. The record also ranks on the current National Class Leader list for fat, protein, and cheese yield production among senior three-year-olds.

“Weijah’s” previous lactation as a junior two-year-old earned the 2020 President’s Trophy and ranks for cheese yield on the National Class Leader list. The actual 305-day record is 24,660 lbs. fat, 1,392 lbs. fat (5.6%) and 1,045 lbs. protein (4.2%), with a cheese yield equivalent of 3,621 lbs. The m.e. for protein is 1,401 lbs.

Cinnamon Ridge Method Bulgaria, Very Good-83%

This year’s winner of the President’s Trophy is the previously mentioned Cinnamon Ridge Method Bulgaria. In her second lactation at 2-10, she produced a record with an m.e. of 30,002―1,828―1,380. Actual production is 25,780 lbs. milk, 1,613 lbs. fat (6.3%) and 1,209 lbs. protein (4.7%), with a cheese yield of 4,194 lbs. The record ranks for protein and cheese yield on the National Class Leader list.

“Bulgaria” is a Very Good-83% daughter of Blue Mist Visionary Method, GJPI +63. She was in the donor dam program at Pine Tree Dairy, Marshallville, Ohio, for some time and has 34 registered progeny to date. Several rank on the top genetic lists, including daughters owned by Matthew Steiner of Pine Tree and also by Sexing Technologies, South Charleston, Ohio.

She is a product of the Pot O’Gold program, as Kara Maxwell purchased her dam, Hilmar Magnum 43054, in the 2014 sale from Charles Ahlem, Hilmar, Calif. She placed fifth in the production contest in 2017.

2021 Lifetime Production Contest

Entries for the 2021 Leading Living Lifetime Production Contest are due March 1, 2022. Cows alive as of December 31, 2021, are eligible. Minimum DHIR production levels for nomination are 225,000 lbs. milk, 10,000 lbs. fat and 8,000 lbs. protein

Dutch Hollow Gov. Ice Cream, Excellent-94%. Bred and owned by Maxwell S. Chittenden, Schodack Landing, N.Y., she placed ninth for milk, seventh for fat and eighth for protein in the lifetime production contest.