Jersey Youth Academy Frequently Asked Questions

September 1 is quickly approaching! For some, this may mean the start-up of the school year, the end of summer or a camping weekend over Labor Day. However, at USJersey, this date signifies the opening of the 2021 Jersey Youth Academy application. It brings us much excitement – both about the event and the young dairy enthusiasts of tomorrow!

Each application round, we are approached with many of the same questions. Therefore, we thought it may be helpful to provide small tips, tricks and guidance to filling out applications. Read carefully, as some of the advice may be useful on the AJCA Scholarship applications which are due July 1.

Jersey Youth Academy General Questions

When is the best time to attend Jersey Youth Academy? 

It depends on the individual. Past attendees have have varied responses on this topic. However, USJersey staff and other adult volunteers have come with a general consensus that students entering or in college find the most value from the experience. These individuals are able to apply more of the knowledge learned to higher education courses or internship experiences.

Jersey Youth Academy provides the opportunity to network with businesses and individuals which makes connections for future opportunities. Many, USJersey included, are looking at potential internship and job candidates for the future. It is important for the youth attending to be representing themselves at their best, as it could have an impact on their future.

I have a class/job/internship this summer. Will I have time to work on my projects during the week? 

The schedule for Jersey Youth Academy is quite full. USJersey staff wants to make sure attendees are getting as much as they can from the experience! Therefore, we do not have scheduled ‘down time’ where you would be able to work on work projects or take business calls. In the evenings there is usually free time where you may have time to work on those personal projects. However, we find that many past attendees preferred to use the time getting to know other youth or working on special activities given during Jersey Youth Academy.

In terms of a job or internship, we strongly suggest that youth talk to their supervisors and commit the week to Jersey Youth Academy. Either finish your projects prior to coming to Columbus or ask for a week off. In the past, many youth have had no problem working with their supervisors to do this. If you need an official letter stating you’re attending an educational event, please contact Jersey Youth Academy Coordinator Kim Billman.

What do I have to pay to attend this experience? 

Absolutely nothing! Jersey Youth Academy is funded by a series of donations. Generous contributors have made it possible for youth to attend without having to worry about the cost. This is truly a once in a lifetime event, Jersey enthusiasts want everyone possible to attend.

Application Questions

Do I have to own Registered Jerseys to be eligible for this experience? 

It is not a requirement to own Jersey cattle to be eligible for Jersey Youth Academy. You simply need a passion for the Jersey cow and dairy industry. It is preferred applicants have some experience working with Jersey cattle, whether it be working on a farm, showing through a lease program or if the family had a dairy farm in the past. We understand everyone’s experiences are vastly different and want to include as many qualified individuals possible.

300 words for an essay? That’s not enough!

Fret not, 300 words is plenty to get a message across. Adding ‘fluff’ to essays is not the answer. By learning how to keep answers concise and to the point, many times more relevant information can be communicated than when given unlimited word counts. The selection committee wants to know the most important details. Take time on your application and determine what experiences or qualities help to reflect that.

I don’t know what I want to do for my adult career. That is one of the reasons I’m interested in Jersey Youth Academy. What do I put? 

The great thing about ambitions and goals is that they can change constantly. It just depends on the season of life an individual is going through. Even if an applicant is not certain where their future is headed, we still want to see them put something they’re interested in. The goals should be attainable and have a realistic element to it.

Application Submission

When are the applications due?

Tuesday, December 1, 2020, is the deadline to apply for Class VII of Jersey Youth Academy. This date is important as late applications will not be accepted. Applications will become available on September 1, 2020 and can be submitted any time between then and December 1. Confirmation emails will be sent to applicants once their application has been received by the office. If you do not receive confirmation within two business days, call 614/322-4451. Applicants are responsible for making sure their application has been received.

I have an extra page of information I would like to submit. Can I send that at the same time? 

On the application it states, “Applications are accepted only on this form and must be submitted by email.” Therefore, any extra information that was not asked to be provided will not be considered. Please only submit the presented application the answers filled out for the listed questions.

More Information

If you have additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our office. We want to make sure every applicant has the information they feel they need to fill out their information to the best of their abilities.