National Class Leader List Released

The National Class Leader List and the top 25 records of all-time were recently released by the American Jersey Cattle Association for the year ending December 31, 2019.

The overall list of production champions can be found in the March Jersey Journal, while the National Class Leaders (NCL) list is available online only.

The NCL list summarizes the 10 highest lactations for milk, protein, fat, and cheese yield in nine age categories. Lactations are 305 days (or less) in length and are official on the AJCA records. These lists include lactations added to the database through December 31, 2019. To qualify for these lists, all test days included in a completed 305- or 365-day lactation record must occur in a herd or herds enrolled in the Production Records Plus, TPE-Plus, REAP Plus programs, or be a Generation Count {4} or higher for registration status.