Print Advertising Rates

Advertising rates are based on placement frequency, with reduced rates for contract advertisers (12 times annually) versus non-contract advertisers (fewer than 12 times annually).

Advertising Rates
Breeder Contract Breeder Non-Contract Industry Contract Industry Non-Contract
Full Page $615 $690 $665 $750
2/3 Page $465 $530 $505 $575
1/2 Page $350 $405 $380 $440
1/3 Page $250 $295 $275 $315
1/4 Page $200 $220 $220 $235
1/6 Page $140 $160 $150 $175
By the Inch $35 $45 $37 $52
Journal Shopping Center Rates

12x Contract: $200 per issue
6x Contract: $225 per issue
1-Time Placement: $285

Journal Ads Displayed on Advertisements Page of Website

(based on ad size in print Jersey Journal)
2/3 page to full page: $50
1/3 page to 1/2 page: $35
1/4 page and under: $25

Color Prices

4-Color Charge: $330 per page
4-Color Photo Scan Charge: $25 each
2-Color Charge: $110 per page
Black and White Photo Charge: $7.25 each

Jersey Journal offers color special months periodically throughout the year. Color during these times is $170 for 4-color and $55 for a second color. Contact Jersey Journal staff for information on when these issues occur.

Ad copy must reach the Journal office by the first day of the preceding month for publication, i.e., December 1 for the January issue.

A discount of 10% of the advertising space rate will be given to those who confirm the space order and provide all copy by deadline (see above).

Cancellations and Changes
Cancellation of order or changes of copy will not be accepted after the deadline. The right is reserved to decline or discontinue any advertisement for reasons satisfactory to the publisher.

Advertisers will be billed following publication of the ad. Net amount due in 30 days. A service charge of 1½% per month is added to all balances past due 30 days or more. No agency discounts allowed.

Available upon request. Contact the Editor for approximate charges. Color scanning plus any special graphical arts costs will be billed to the advertiser.

An ad proof will be mailed to each advertiser when the ad is composed. It is the responsibility of the advertiser to draw errors in the copy to the attention of the Jersey Journal. Changes made in ad copy by the advertiser that are not the errors of the Journal staff will be charged at a minimum of $10.00.

Editorial Material
Photographs and manuscripts are welcome, but no responsibility is assumed for such material either while in transit or while in this office.

Advertising reprints are available. Contact the Editor for prices before ordering.

Notice to Advertisers
Advertising for sales scheduled prior to the 20th of the month of publication accepted at the advertiser’s risk.