Record Attendance for Drive Through Cheese Event

Like all business owners, dairy farmers and cheese makers are finding new ways to conduct commerce in the wake of COVID-19.

Marcoot Jersey Creamery of Greenville, Ill., didn’t allow the pandemic to dim enthusiasm for its annual Cheesefest. Rather, it defied odds with record attendance of 1,000-plus customers for this year’s drive-through event on June 10.

Designed to celebrate National Dairy Month and 10 years in the cheese making business, it must have been just what the doctor ordered. Carloads of cheese lovers and cow enthusiasts lined the road to the farm to get away from the bustle of city, enjoy the scenery and partake of their favorite dairy products.

Touted as “the one where we stayed in the car,” visitors were able to purchase box lunches of grilled cheese sandwiches and fried cheese curds and prepackaged bundles of cheeses, beef, ice cream and other farm stand products through a drive through on the farm.

While they waited, they were greeted by a variety of farm critters, from the expected Jersey cows and calves to piglets, ponies, llamas and lambs.

To see what you missed, check out the YouTube video produced after Cheesefest 2020.

Marcoot Jersey Creamery

Marcoot Jersey Creamery has been making artisan and farmstead cheeses from their herd of Registered Jersey cows since March 2010. Cows are fed a primarily grass-based diet and milked by a pair of robotic milkers.

Cheese, Jersey beef, ice cream and other farm products are sold through a farm store and retail outlets and used extensively in the food service industry as well.

Marcoot Jersey Creamery uses the Queen of Quality label on their cheese, which identifies it as being made exclusively from Jersey milk.

Want to learn more about the newest Marcoot Jersey Creamery product, Extreme Ice? Check out this blog post from the Jersey Journal.

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