Summary of November AJCA, NAJ Board Meetings

The fall meetings of the American Jersey Cattle Association (AJCA) and National All-Jersey Inc. (NAJ). Boards of Directors were held November 4 and 5, 2021, at the Hilton Garden Inn-Airport, Louisville, Ky. Actions are summarized below.

Finances and 2022 Budget. Financial statements for the AJCA and National All-Jersey Inc. and Subsidiary, All-Jersey Sales Corporation (Jersey Marketing Service) were reviewed. Through nine months, the AJCA reported revenues of $2,730,096 and expenditures of $2,526,587 before the All American. NAJ reported revenues of $686,161 versus expenditures of $516,278. JMS revenues were $129,086; expenditures were $136,141. A net income through September 30, 2021, for all organizations was reported of $343,337.

Budgets for 2022 were approved. Total AJCA revenues were budgeted at $3,627,788 against expenditures of $3,626,690. The AJCA budget was based on 129,500 registrations, 19,000 transfers, 165,000 cows enrolled on all performance programs (161,000 on REAP), 305,250 JerseyTags units, 13,600 genomic and ID qualification tests, and 252 pages of paid advertising in Jersey Journal.

The budget for National All-Jersey Inc. was based upon 1,020 Equity investors and All-Jersey Sales Corp. revenues of $192,500. Budgeted revenues for NAJ-AJSC combined were $823,350, with budgeted expenditures of $817,788.

Market values of investments at September 30 were: Building Fund, $1,649,759; Investment Trust, $1,133,684; Scholarship and other awards funds, $1,152,110; Jersey Youth Academy, $587,553; and AJCC Research Foundation, $2,942,445.

The Investment Advisory Committee met with investment managers on November 8 to review current portfolios and set investment strategies for 2022.

Funding was approved for a system upgrade to the Information Technology software and server update through appropriated development funds of AJCA and NAJ.

Performance Herd fees to increase $50. Beginning January 1, 2022, herd fees for REAP, TPE and STEP will increase by $50.

Jersey Journal to transition to online platform. The board voted to discontinue printing the Jersey Journal. Moving to an online platform only will allow the organization to provide more timely news at a more affordable cost and expand the audience. The online magazine will be launched February 1, 2022.

All current subscribers of Jersey Journal will be given a six-month extension to subscriptions to help with the transition to the online platform.

Jersey Neuropathy with Splayed Forelimbs (JNS). The Board of Directors voted to accept the Neogen Direct Test for JNS be accepted as official, taking precedent over the CDCB haplotype results when in conflict.

Review of new CDCB policy for 2022. The board reviewed information provided by CDCB to add genomically-discovered maternal grandsires (MGS) and maternal great-grandsires (MGGS) to pedigrees. The policy describes the extension of the pedigree, based mainly on genomic information plus additional information from sources such as DHIA records.

Updated procedure to the registration of males with USJersey. Effective January 1, 2023, males will need to be a Generation Count {5} to be registered.

Regional and National Shows. The Western National, Pennsylvania All-American (Harrisburg), World Dairy Expo and California Spring Jersey Show were designated as AJCA regional shows for 2022. Designations are contingent upon enforcement of the PDCA Show Ring Code of Ethics, with all cows subject to ultrasound and milk sample testing.

For the 2022 All American shows, $5,000 was allocated to be divided equally among junior exhibitors, and $2,000 for open show state herd travel money.

Appointments. Named as associate chairs for the 2022 All American planning committees were Garry Hansen, Mulino, Ore., sale; David Jordan, Chicago, Ill., open show; Rachel White Conner, Connersville, Ind., National Jersey Jug Futurity; and Walter Owens, Frederic, Wis., junior activities.

Grant Ahlem, Hilmar, Calif., was appointed for the remainder of Jim Ahlem’s term on the Research Advisory Committee.

Michael Hurst, Waynesville, Ohio, was appointed to the Type Advisory Committee. He will replace Aaron Horst, Chambersburg, Pa., whose term expired in 2021. Brent Wickstrom, Hilmar, Calif., was named chair of the committee.

National All-Jersey Inc.
The board approved a proposal by Dr. Frank Mitloehener of University of California-Davis, to update the Capper-Cady study conducted in 2009. The joint boards of the AJCA and NAJ approved funding the project using a combination of earnings from the AJCC Research Foundation and appropriated research and development funds from NAJ. The project’s timeline calls for completion by the end of 2022.

Dr. Mitloehner’s proposal states that inputs for the analysis will include breed specific animal performance characteristics, feeding system data, cropping system data, transportation, and energy use as defined by the system boundary. Outputs will include GHG emissions (i.e., methane, nitrous oxide, etc.), resources necessary to produce one million ton of ECM and the carbon intensity of 1 kg of ECM. These outputs will be given as national averages and as breed-specific values as well. Data will be collected from various databases. Animal based data, including milk production and composition, and herd statistics will be sourced from the Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding and USDA NASS. Feed metrics, crop yield, fertilization, water/irrigation, and transport information will be sourced from the USDA NASS database, the Cornell Net Carbohydrate Protein System (CNCPS) and other peer-reviewed literature as needed. Emissions will be estimated based on dietary composition and quantified using the updated IPCC emission factors.

Assisting with the project are Dr. Roger Cady, now retired from Elanco Animal Health, Dr. Paul Van Raden, a geneticist with AGIL-ARS-USDA, and Todd Ward, Professional Animal Scientist nutritionist.

Charlie Garrison updated directors and staff on political priorities the past several months. Immigration reform remains at the top of the list. Other items include climate change, infrastructure legislation, nutrition and trade.

Company objectives adopted for 2022 include staying engaged with Federal Milk Marketing Order activities; stay involved with dairy industry issues such as depooling, Class 1 price formula, reintroduction of the Farm Worker Modernization Act; continuing efforts that advance market arrangements, voluntary and regulated, to obtain or improve Multiple Component Pricing (MCP) for producers not currently receiving MCP or receiving sub-standard MCP; organizing on-farm processing forums focused on bringing together successful Jersey processors and Jersey producers interested in beginning on-farm processing; develop an economic analysis to promote the use of Jersey genetics; and continue to develop the All-Jersey® and Queen of Quality® programs.

Greg Lavan, manager of Jersey Marketing Service reported on the year-to-date activity. He updated board members on the fall and winter sale lineup, including the upcoming online genomic sales to be held in December, January and February. He also updated the board on the use of the online bidding platform of for Jersey Marketing Service sales.

Deadlines and Next Meetings
January 15 is the deadline to submit nominations for Master Breeder and Distinguished Service awards, AJCA-NAJ Award for Meritorious Service, and Young Jersey Breeder Award. State association nominations for the National Jersey Youth Achievement Contest are due March 1.

The AJCA Board of Directors will meet virtually in March 2022. Planning committee meetings for The 70th All American Jersey Shows and Sales will also be held virtually in March.

The AJCA-NAJ Annual Meetings will be held June 22-25, 2022 at the DoubleTree Hotel, Portland, Ore.

Deadlines for President and Director nomination petitions to be filed with the Executive Secretary are April 21 for AJCA (65 days prior to the Annual Meeting), and April 25 for NAJ (60 days prior).