Top 50 Registered Jersey Females by Traits Now Available

April, August and December: the three eventful months in the dairy genetic world in which genetic evaluations are released. With today’s release of genetic evaluations, the Jersey Journal is excited to announce a new list featuring the top females of the breed.

For years, the American Jersey Cattle Association has made available a list of the top 10 active sires for a variety of traits in April, August and December. Now Jersey breeders can find a list of the Top 50 Females by Traits on the USJerseyJournal website. It can also be found in the right hand side bar of the pages in our easy access links and towards the bottom of the home page in the section titled “The Jersey Cow.”

The list features the top 50 females (cows calving in the last 24 months and heifers under 2.5 years of age) ranked in 18 traits. Be sure to check back monthly as the list will update with each genetic update. This list is provided as a marketing tool for individuals with Registered Jersey females.

For a full list of all of the sires marketed in the U.S., please visit the website.

Have an individual on the list? Contact us today to advertise on the website or in the printed magazine.