USJersey Type Traits Appraisers’ California Adventure

There were 23,015 Jersey cows scored in October 2019 by the USJersey team of type traits appraisers. With such a high volume of Jerseys in California, it takes a group of 10-12 people to complete the twice-a-year type trait appraisal evaluations within a timely manner. On average, it takes around three weeks for our appraisers to make their way through the assigned California dairies.

With a large number of dairies having a few hundred to thousands of animals, in order to maintain efficiency more than one appraiser is sent to these operations. It is important to farm owners and appraisers to keep cows on a semi-regular schedule to maintain cow comfort and facility flow consistent. While in the warmer climates, our appraisal team also starts early in the mornings to avoid potentially high temperatures and allow the cows to maintain normal routines during the warm afternoons.

The Type Traits Appraisal group is often on the road traveling on their own. When they have the chance to work with coworkers for a few days, they take advantage of the opportunities to learn from one another and enjoy their company. During the evenings, they can be found making team meals at their accommodations or seeing popular area attractions. Since our appraisers often work weekends, on the rare day off a few can be found visiting national parks and hiking the trails to see the beauty in different areas of our country.

Enjoy some of the pictures captured by Sydney Endres, AJCA-NAJ Area Representative and Type Traits Appraiser.