Vierra Dairy Exhibits World Dairy Expo Champions

First-time World Dairy Expo exhibitors, Vierra Dairy of Hilmar, Calif., made quite an impression with their winning duo of Bri-Lin Valson Spritz and Showdown Justine, who were named Grand and Reserve Champions, respectively, of the International Jersey Show on Wednesday, October 2, 2019.

Senior Champions

Judge Jack Lomeo, Jr. of Sylvan Beach, N.Y., chose the pair of Senior Champions with the help of his associate, Brent Walker, Guelph, Ontario, Canada. During his senior champion address, Lomeo stated, “It’s fun when maybe the hardest thing Brent and I’ve done all day, and maybe the most discussion between us, are these two pairs of cows.”

Bri-Lin Valson Spritz (pictured left) walked away with the Grand and Senior Champion laurels of the show. She won the five-year-old class and was the best-uddered individual as well. Reserve Grand and Reserve Senior Champion were presented to the winning four-year-old, Showdown Justine (pictured right).

During his reasons for Senior Champions, Lomeo said, “After we talked quite a bit, the cow we are going to make Senior Champion [is the five-year-old]. It’s just her day. She’s a little more feminine. She’s a little cleaner.”

He went on to say of the five and four-year-old class winners, “We’re splitting hairs today. These two cows make a nicer pair than our Honorable Mention Champion. They’re a little more clean, more feminine, and nicer about their head than this beautiful Honorable Mention Senior Champion. But wow, what a group!”

Taking home Honorable Mention Senior Champion honors was RRF Comerica Daisy, exhibited by River Valley Dairy and Reinholt Jerseys, Tremont, Ill., winner of the class for cows six-years-of-age and older.

Intermediate Champions

Glamourview-Iager/Walton and Eaton Holsteins of Walkersville, Md., exhibited the Intermediate Champion and winning senior two-year-old, LLR Tequila Excitement. Despresverts Joel Glamour-ET was tapped Reserve Intermediate Champion and won the junior two-year-old class. She is owned by Joshua Arp of Norwalk, Ohio.

“You can put no faults in this senior two-yer-old. She’s just a beautiful Jersey cow. She’s not the biggest, but boy, there’s no faults,” proclaimed Judge Lomeo about the Intermediate Champion.

Junior Champions

The winning summer yearling heifer, Schulte Bros Teq Glory-ET, was named the Junior Champion of the heifer show for Budjon Farms and Peter Vail, Lomira, Wis. Campbell TB Gunman Elsa was declared Reserve Junior Champion and won the fall heifer class for Lookout and Verna and Randy Peterson of Quebec, Canada.

More Information

More information will be posted as pictures and official placings are available.