File Your Professional Cow Photos with Jersey Journal

What do pictures of your Jerseys say about your herd? Nothing if the Jersey Journal doesn’t have a copy of the picture on file.

Now that show season is underway, the Jersey Journal reminds breeders that professional pictures of any class winners, as well as second place if that animal went on to place as a champion, will be published with respective show reports, provided that a photographic print is sent to the office.

How Can I Submit My Pictures?

Photographers do not automatically send your pictures to the Jersey Journal office. When picturing your animals, please request that a 5” x 7” color copy or a digital file be sent to the Jersey Journal. While you will incur the cost of this picture, the benefits will outweigh the cost in the long run. For example, if you decide to advertise that animal and the photograph is not on file, we will have to order it from the photographer. This is more expensive than ordering a print for the Journal files at the time the pictures are first made.

Please note, in following copyright laws, the Jersey Journal must have a photographic print from the photographer in the office to use it for publication. Or if you have received a release from the photographer to send digital copies on to publications, those will also be accepted. A scanned reprint from a third party will not be accepted.

The Value Behind Professional Pictures

Make the most of your investment in herd promotion by getting your animals professionally pictured. In the October 2019 issue of the Jersey Journal, there was a professional dairy cattle photographer round-table which featured photographers Frank Robinson, Patty Jones, Kathy Hayes DeBruin and Cybil Fisher. In this special feature, these industry specialists talk about their journey to become photographers, tips on achieving the best photographers and the value behind picturing cattle. In addition, Steve Rowley of Rowley Farms Inc. talks his perspective of why picturing brings added value to his herd and helps him to better market his cattle.

Remember to ask your photographer to send an additional copy to the Jersey Journal.