Fuller Wins 2021 Pot O’Gold Production Contest

Chelsie Fuller, Newark Valley, N.Y., has topped the 2021 Pot O’Gold Production Contest with Rog-Al Casino Pippa. For winning the contest, she will receive a check in the amount of $3,011.04.

The Very Good-87% daughter of Elliotts Regency Casino-ET produced a first lactation with an m.e. of 25,800―1,426―1,025 and a value of $5,601.09. Actual production for the 1-11 record is 19,110 lbs. milk, 1,083 lbs. fat (5.7%) and 771 lbs. protein (4.0%). “Pippa” also placed first in Division I of the 2020 National Jersey Youth Production Contest with her first lactation.

Chelsie purchased “Pippa” from Sarah Mae Alexander, Rog-Al Jerseys, Liberty, Pa., at the 2018 Pot O’Gold Sale for $2,900. When she was unable to attend the sale or view it through JerseyAuctionLive.com because of internet issues, Chelsie enlisted the help of former American Jersey Cattle Association-National All-Jersey Inc. Area Representative Sara Barlass. Chelsie entrusted Sara to choose a heifer, bid on her and arrange for trucking home. Her faith was well founded as she paid $2,900 for the heifer and earned back all of her purchase price and then some. Sara may have had insight on “Pippa’s” value as she came from a herd she had served as an area representative.

Though “Pippa” got a slow start to her milking career, she soon took off and never faltered. She freshened in early August 2019 with her first calf and gave 43 lbs. milk at 23 days fresh. This steady performer never fell below this mark and peaked with 80 lbs. milk at 208 days fresh. She was still giving 60 lbs. milk for her last test in May 2020. She calved with her second calf in September 2020 and recently completed a 3-0 record of 23,770 lbs. milk, 1,463 lbs. fat (6.2%) and 939 lbs. protein (4.0%). The m.e. is 27,029―1,616―1,046.

“Pippa” is managed with the herd at Lawton Jersey Farm, owned and operated by Chelsie’s mother and stepfather, Debbie and Tim Lawton, and the rest of the Lawton family in Newark Valley. Stepbrothers Nathan and Ryan have won awards in the youth production contests as well. Most recently, Ryan won the 2017 National Jersey Youth Production Contest with Lawtons Plus Vanna {6}.

Awards Presentation

Chelsie and the 21 other juniors who placed in the 2021 Pot O’Gold Production Contest will be recognized for their achievements on November 7, 2021, at the Junior Banquet, which wraps up junior events at The All American in Louisville, Ky.

Other Top Rankings

Clayton Kirchdoerfer, Cape Girardeau, Mo., places second with Clemson Disco 2257 725. For placing second in this contest, Clayton will receive a check for $1,923.72.

“Disco 2257 725” produced a first lactation with a value of $5,025.07, which ranks fifth in Division I of the 2020 National Jersey Youth Production Contest as well. The Very Good-87% daughter of Oaklane Dazzler Disco 2257 725 made a record of 1-8 305 19,960 4.0% 806 3.7% 742 96DCR. The m.e. is 27,897―1,132―1,020. She completed a second lactation of 21,040 lbs. milk, 908 lbs. fat and 726 lbs. protein at 2-8. She is an all-around equity builder for Clayton as she has a daughter by JX Kash-In Got Jiggy {6}-ET with a GJPI of +105.

“Disco 2257 725” was consigned to the 2018 Pot O’Gold Sale by Clemson University Dairy Farm, Clemson, S.C.

Clayton has fared well in previous production contests as well, placing among the top 15 in the Pot O’Gold Production Contest six of the past seven years. He reached his highest ranking this year but also attained a top five ranking with All Lynns Daybreak Charlotte in 2019 and fourth with GCJ Renegade Garnet in 2015. A good portion of Clayton’s herd traces to Pot O’Gold purchases.

Jack Zina, Hadley, Mass., ranks third with Ahlem Mainstream Dahlia 51543. The Very Good-87% daughter of O.F. Mainstream produced a first lactation with a value of $4,944.93. Actual production for the 1-9 record is 20,610 lbs. milk, 974 lbs. fat and 680 lbs. protein.

She proved to be a solid investment for Jack. He purchased her from Ahlem Farms Partnership, Hilmar, Calif., for $1,500 and will nearly recoup that amount with prize winnings of $1,338.24. As well, she completed another stellar record of 24,310 lbs. milk, 1,144 lbs. fat and 811 lbs. protein in 292 days at 2-10. She freshened with her third calf in mid-May 2021. She gave 90 lbs. milk on her first test and is projected to 21,445―1,245―730 at 3-9. “Dahlia 51543” has two daughters and ranks among the top 1.5% genotyped cows with a GJPI of +102.

Like many other juniors, Jack has developed his herd largely with purchases from the Pot O’Gold Sale. In addition to “Dahlia 51543” and the previously mentioned “Tiramisu,” who placed second in Division II of the youth production contest, he has placed in the Pot O’Gold Production Contest four other times since 2014.

Tyler G. Seals, Tillamook, Ore., ranks fourth with Primus Slugger Homerun-ET. The Very Good-82% daughter of Kash-In Slugger-P-ET made a 1-11 record with a value of $4,730.90 and an m.e. of 22,300―1,214―865. Actual production is 17,910 lbs. milk, 997 lbs. fat and 693 lbs. protein. She ranks seventh in Division I of the 2020 National Jersey Youth Production Contest.

“Homerun” freshened with her second calf in late September 2020. She is out of Lost Hill Dimension Holly, winner of the 2016 Pot O’Gold Production Contest for Dylan Ellenburg of Blacksburg, Va. Ellenburg sold “Holly” to Jerseyland Sires, Turlock, Calif., in 2018. She entered the donor dam program at Jerseyland and has 59 registered progeny to date, including “Homerun.”

Tyler will receive a check for $1,087.32 for placing fourth in the contest.

Jacob Bohnert, East Moline, Ill., places fifth in the Pot O’Gold contest and ninth in Division I of the youth production contest with JX Sun Valley Harris Virgo {5}, Very Good-82%. She made a record with a value of $4,614.90 and an m.e. of 22,208―1,138―868. She is sired by JX Schultz Volcano Harris {4}. Actual production for the 1-10 record is 18,900 lbs. milk, 976 lbs. fat and 740 lbs. protein on 3x milking.

“Virgo {5}” calved again in late September 2020 with her second heifer calf. She gave 106 lbs. milk on her November test and is projected to 24,396 lbs. milk, 1,143 lbs. fat and 927 lbs. protein actual at 2-11.

Jacob will receive a cash prize of $1,003.68 for his Pot O’Gold placing. “Virgo {5}” was consigned by Bearl A. and Joanne K. Seals, Cloverdale, Ore.

Other juniors being recognized in the 2021 Pot O’Gold Production Contest are Devin Haywood, Hastings, Mich.; Hobbs Lutz, Chester, S.C.; Renee Lydia Bok, Defiance, Ohio; Gracie and Kaycie Wolf, Defiance, Ohio; Alisa L. Mercuro, Woodsboro, Md.; Nathan Merriam, Hickman, Calif.; Robert Graves, Dundas, Ill.; Tucker Evans, Chester, S.C.; Lydia Chittenden, Schodack Landing, N.Y.; Cameron Swanson, Hilmar, Calif.; Austin Dizek; Brynn Marie Lavan, Gambier, Ohio; Ava Grace Hebgen, De Forest, Wis.; Jace Briggs, Campbellsville, Ky.; Henry Dizek, Hadley, Mass.; Coltan Owen Seals, Beaver, Ore.; and Austin Haywood, Hastings, Mich.

Contest Details

Since its inception in 1958, the Pot O’Gold Sale has offered youth between the ages of seven and 20 the opportunity to purchase genetically superior heifers from top herds across the country. A percentage of the sale gross (varying from 7-25% over the years) is set aside in a fund and held for three years to provide cash awards for the juniors whose heifers complete the highest records for dollar value.

On November 3, 2018, the 61st program offered 36 heifers to juniors in the Pot O’Gold Sale in Louisville. From the sale of those heifers, $16,728 was set aside in the fund to pay out this year. It will be distributed as follows: first prize, 18%; second, 11.5%; third, 8%; fourth, 6.5%; fifth, 6%; sixth, 5.5%; seventh, 5%; eighth, 4.5%; ninth and 10th, 4%; 11th-13th, 3%; 14th-16th, 2.5% each; 17th-19th, 2.0%; and 20th-22nd, 1.5%.

To qualify for competition in the Pot O’Gold Production Contest, heifers must calve before they reach 30 months-of-age, be tested in a DHI herd owned by the purchaser or his or her parents and have a Data Collection Rating (DCR) of 90 or higher for protein. Loss, death or transfer of ownership of any purchase before the record is complete eliminates the heifer from competition.

This year, 24 of the 36 entries met the qualifications to compete in the 2021 edition of the contest. The 24 records had an average m.e. of 21,372―1,032―789 and an average dollar value of $4,157.13.his year’s contest have an m.e. average of 25,251―1,282―934 and a dollar value of $5,024.76. All entries have an m.e. average of 22,059―1,081―804 and a dollar value average of $4,279.49.

The 64th Pot O’Gold Sale is scheduled for November 6, 2021, in Louisville. The animals purchased from this sale will compete in the 2024 Pot O’Gold Production Contest. It will begin at 6:00 p.m.