Getting to Know the Consignor of the All American Jersey Sale High Seller

Crosswind Jerseys, Elkton, S.D., consigned the high seller of the All American Jersey Sale — JX Crosswind Jiggy 12136 {6}. The young heifer topped the premier Sale when she sold for $51,000 to Peak Genetics.

The 2,300-cow herd in South Dakota, is enrolled on the REAP program and utilizes genomic testing with their herd. They have marketed several animals through Jersey Marketing Service and other regional sales around the country.

The Jersey Journal caught up with owner, Stefan Temperli, to talk about the high-selling consignment at this year’s sale.



Crosswind Jerseys received the C.L. Collins Jr. Memorial Trophy
What are some aspects of your consignment’s pedigree that make her stand out? Tell me about some of her ancestors/ descendants.

I think “Jiggy 12,136’s” rank in cheese merit and GJPI made her standout in this sale as well as having solid health traits.

She is from a solid cow family and there are currently four generations (from her dam to maternal great-great-grandam) of cows behind her in the high producing pens here at the dairy today. That is a testament of longevity behind this cow family.



Why did you pick this consignment to send to the All American sale?

She was chosen because we knew her genomic numbers would catch someone’s eye and want to continue to keep our dairy’s name out there in the genetic world. Being sired by the popular sire “Got Jiggy” and out of the strong maternal line, she was a perfect fit for the All American Jersey Sale.



What are some ways that you go about marketing your consignments to create interest?
Crosswind Zuma 5271 {4}- Fourth dam of the high seller

To be honest we didn’t do anything to create interest in this consignment. She spoke for herself through the ads that Jersey did in the catalog and online.