Jersey Youth Production Contest Winners Announced

Maelee Clark, Seneca, Mo., has won the 2020 National Jersey Youth Production Contest with her entry, SLJ AJ Weijah.

“Weijah” may be recognized by Jersey breeders for a pair of other titles she has earned too―winner of the 2020 President’s Trophy and the 2021 Hilmar Cheese Yield Trophy.

The Excellent-90% daughter of Steinhauers Iatola Applejack made a 3-6 record with a value of $7,048.96 to top Division II and earn the overall prize.  Actual production is 30,810 lbs. milk, 1,857 lbs. fat (6.0%) and 1,354 lbs. protein (4.4%). The m.e. is 29,751―1,737―1,297. The mark for actual cheese yield (4,694 lbs.) earned the Hilmar Cheese Yield Trophy. The record also ranks on the current National Class Leader list for fat, protein, and cheese yield production among senior three-year-olds. “Weijah” freshened in early March 2020 to start the lactation and had tests over 100 lbs. milk for the first six months.

“Weijah’s” first lactation as a junior two-year-old ranks on the National Class Leader list for cheese yield as well. Actual production is 24,660 lbs. milk, 1,393 lbs. fat and 1,045 lbs. protein, with a protein m.e. of 1,401 lbs. to win the President’s Trophy.

She was bred by Hays State Line Jerseys of Seneca, Mo., and continues to be managed with the herd owned by Maelee’s grandfather. Another well-known herdmate, SLJ Country Majerle, Excellent-94%, topped the 2016 National Jersey Youth Production Contest for Maelee’s sister, Treasure Clark. “Majerle” has also placed in the AJCA Leading Living Lifetime Production Contest and won the 2019 Hilmar Cheese Yield Trophy.

Awards Presentation

Maelee and the 19 other juniors who placed in the 2020 National Jersey Youth Production Contest will be recognized for their achievements on November 7, 2021, at the Junior Banquet, which wraps up junior events at The All American in Louisville, Ky. Each division winner receives $100. The second-place honoree receives $75; third takes home $50; and fourth receives $25. The overall winner gets an additional $50, bringing their award total to $150.

Plaques and cash awards are made possible, in part, by Jersey breeders who consign their animals to the National Heifer Sale. Each year, 10% of the proceeds from this sale are designated for youth program support, including the National Jersey Youth Production Contest.

Contest Details

This contest recognizes efforts of junior owners to compile and utilize official production records of their animals. Through this one activity, youth gain experience using records to manage and breed their Jersey cows and understand the value of production.

To qualify for the competition, cows must have completed a lactation of no more than 305 days during the calendar year. Records are ranked by the dollar value of the record. Values were determined by calculating the 305-day mature equivalent (m.e.), then applying Federal Order component values for the previous year along with a weighted average Producer Price Differential (PPD). Those values were $1.71 per pound fat, $3.76 per pound protein, $0.17 per pound solids and -$3.60 per pound PPD.

The contest is divided into two divisions. Division I is for first-lactation cows that calve before they reach 30 months-of-age. Division II is for all other cows. Participants are eligible for an award in only one division and an overall contest winner is recognized.

A junior is eligible to win the overall National Jersey Youth Production Contest just once.

This year, 77 qualified entries from 38 juniors from 12 states were received. The top 20 animals ranked in this year’s contest have an m.e. average of 25,251―1,282―934 and a dollar value of $5,024.76. All entries have an m.e. average of 22,059―1,081―804 and a dollar value average of $4,279.49.

To see a complete listing of top rankings, read the September 2021 issue of the Jersey Journal.

Other Division II Top Rankings

River Valley Mlton Tiramisu 4915-ET, owned by Jack Zina, Hadley, Mass., earns production laurels for the second consecutive year. She ranks second in Division II. Last year, she placed second in Division I of the youth production contest and fourth in the Pot O’Gold contest. The Very Good-84% daughter of IGL Magnum Milton-ET produced a senior two-year-old record with a value of $5,492.50. Actual production is 21,910 lbs. milk, 1,340 lbs. fat (6.1%) and 867 lbs. protein (4.0%). The m.e. of the record is 25,257―1,475―970.

“Tiramisu” freshened with her third calf in mid-December 2020 and gave 106 lbs. milk on her first test. Sadly, she left the herd after her second test. She has two daughters to continue her legacy at Mapleline Farm, the farm owned and operated by Jack’s grandfather, John Kokoski, and the rest of the family. Jack purchased “Tiramisu” from River Valley Farm, Tremont, Ill., at the Pot O’Gold Sale in 2017.

Another entry to return to the top rankings this year, Freeman-Holtz Hired Gun Jaiden, ranks third in Division II this year. The Very Good-85% daughter of SV Jade Hired Gun-ET is owned by Mary Holtz of Maquoketa, Iowa. She made a 6-0 record of 27,850 lbs. milk, 1,282 lbs. fat and 963 lbs. protein. The value of the record is $5,231.38 and the m.e. is 29,284―1,325―997.

“Jaiden” placed second in Division II last year. She was milked at Kunde Jersey Farm in Manchester, Iowa. She left the herd shortly after she freshened with her sixth calf but leaves behind three registered daughters from which Mary can develop her herd.

Austin Dizek, Hadley, Mass., ranks fourth in Division II with JX Gure Behia Leonel 12788 {4}. Like his cousin, Jack Zina, he purchased his entry in the 2017 Pot O’Gold Sale and manages her with the herd at Mapleline Farm. Sired by JX Faria Brothers Leonel {3}-ET she produced a record of 3-4 305 22,740 5.7% 1,300 3.9% 880 98DCR. The m.e. of the record is 23,743―1,355―923 and the value is $5,151.22.

She freshened with her third calf in mid-April 2021. She peaked with 98 lbs. milk on her second test and is projected to 23,163 lbs. milk, 1,207 lbs. fat and 848 lbs. protein actual at 4-6. She was raised to Very Good-82% and has two registered daughters. Austin purchased her from Green Valley Dairy of Kerman, Calif., and ranked fifth in the Pot O’Gold Production Contest last year.

Rounding out the top five rankings of Division II of the youth production contest is Sophia Bollenbacher, Argos, Ind. She makes her debut with her homebred entry, Bolle-Acres Grnd Cherry. The Very Good-87% daughter of Rapid Bay Grandious made a 6-5 record with a value of $5061.94 and an m.e. of 32,879―1,156―1,054. Actual production is 37,800 lbs. milk, 1,269 lbs. fat and 1,195 lbs. protein on 3x milking.

The milk wagon has six complete lactations, all over 21,000 lbs. milk and half over 32,000 lbs. milk. Her best record was the one that ranks in this year’s contest. It also ranks on the current National Class Leader list for milk production.

Other juniors to be honored for accomplishments in Division I of the contest are Zachary S. Chittenden, Schodack Landing, N.Y.; Tyler Seals, Tillamook, Ore.; Alison and Lauren Graves, Talbott, Tenn.; Jacob Bohnert, East Moline, Ill.; and Tyler Bohnert, East Moline, Ill.

Division I Top Rankings

Chelsie Fuller, Newark Valley, N.Y., tops Division I of the 2020 National Jersey Youth Production Contest with Rog-Al Casino Pipa. “Pipa” also won the 2021 Pot O’Gold Production Contest. The Very Good-87% daughter of Elliotts Regency Casino-ET produced a first lactation with an m.e. of 25,800―1,426―1,025 and a value of $5,601.09 to simultaneously win laurels in each production contest. Actual production for the 1-11 record is 19,110 lbs. milk, 1,083 lbs. fat (5.7%) and 771 lbs. protein (4.0%).

Chelsie purchased “Pippa” from Sarah Mae Alexander, Rog-Al Jerseys, Liberty, Pa., at the 2018 Pot O’Gold Sale. When she was unable to attend the sale or view it through because of internet issues, Chelsie enlisted the help of former AJCA-National All-Jersey Inc. Area Representative Sara Barlass. Chelsie entrusted Sara to choose a heifer, bid on her and arrange for trucking home. Her faith was well founded. Chelsie paid $2,900 for “Pippa” and will receive a check in the amount of $3,011.04 for winning the contest. Sara may have had insight on “Pippa’s” value as she came from a herd she had served as an area representative.

Though “Pippa” got a slow start to her milking career, she soon took off and never faltered. She freshened in early August 2019 with her first calf and gave 43 lbs. milk at 23 days fresh. This steady performer never fell below this mark and peaked with 80 lbs. milk at 208 days fresh. She was still giving 60 lbs. milk for her last test in May 2020. She calved with her second calf in September 2020 and recently completed a 3-0 record of 23,770 lbs. milk, 1,463 lbs. fat (6.2%) and 939 lbs. protein (4.0%). The m.e. is 27,029―1,616―1,046.

“Pippa” is managed with the herd at Lawton Jersey Farm, owned and operated by Chelsie’s mother and stepfather, Debbie and Tim Lawton, and the rest of the Lawton family in Newark Valley. Stepbrothers Nathan and Ryan have won awards in the youth production contests as well. Most recently, Ryan won the 2017 National Jersey Youth Production Contest with Lawtons Plus Vanna {6}.

Another junior who has placed in the youth production contests many times is Luke W. McReynolds, Danville, Vt. He placed second in Division I with his homebred entry, JX Lucky Hill Listowel Gem {5}. She produced a 1-8 record of 17,400 lbs. milk, 961 lbs. fat and 661 lbs. protein. The m.e. of the record is 24,190―1,338―930 and the value is $5,136.67.

She is sired by Hillview Listowel-P and out of JX Cedar Mtn Farm Topeka Garnet {4}, Excellent-91%, his purchase from the 2014 Pot O’Gold Sale. “Garnet {4}” placed eighth in the ensuing production contest and has subsequently produced two records over 23,300 lbs. milk. She placed ninth in Division II of the youth production contest last year.

“Gem {5}” freshened with her second calf in early February 2021. Though she has given Luke no heifer calves, she is pulling her weight in the bulk tank. She peaked with 94 lbs. milk in both March and April and has a projected m.e. of 24,973―1,407―976 at 2-8. She is on track to complete two lactations before she is 30 months of age.

Cassie Bohnert, East Moline, Ill., returns to the top placings again this year ranked third in Division I with JX Bohnerts Moneybag Pokey {6}. She produced an actual record of 24,160 lbs. milk, 1,289 lbs. fat and 871 lbs. protein on 3x milking at 1-10. The m.e. of the record is 26,621―1,320―947 and the value is $5,105.50.

“Pokey {6}” is sired by JX Legendairy Moneybag {5}. She freshened with her second calf in late November 2020. She gave 93 lbs. milk for the tester in May and is projected to 23,156 lbs. milk, 1,180 lbs. fat and 852 lbs. protein at 3-1.

Cassie has placed in the National Jersey Youth Production contest the past four years as well.

Another Pot O’Gold heifer ranks fourth in Division I of the youth production contest. Clemson Disco 2257 725, the entry of Clayton Kirchdoerfer, Cape Girardeau, Mo., produced a first lactation with a value of $5,025.07, which ranks second in the 2021 Pot O’Gold Production Contest as well.

The Very Good-87% daughter of Oaklane Dazzler Disco 2257 725 made a record of 1-8 305 19,960 4.0% 806 3.7% 742 96DCR. The m.e. is 27,897―1,132―1,020. She completed a second lactation of 21,040 lbs. milk, 908 lbs. fat and 726 lbs. protein at 2-8. She is an all-around equity builder for Clayton as she has a daughter by JX Kash-In Got Jiggy {6}-ET with a GJPI of +105.

“Disco 2257 725” was consigned to the 2018 Pot O’Gold Sale by Clemson University Dairy Farm, Clemson, S.C.

Clayton has fared well in previous production contests as well, placing among the top 15 in the Pot O’Gold Production Contest six of the past seven years. He reached his highest ranking this year but also attained a top five ranking with All Lynns Daybreak Charlotte in 2019 and fourth with GCJ Renegade Garnet in 2015. A good portion of Clayton’s herd traces to Pot O’Gold purchases.

Nicholas J. McReynolds, a brother to Luke, rounds out the top five rankings of Division I with his entry, JX Lucky Hill Got Maid Oreo Ball {6}. In her first lactation at 1-6, she produced a record with an m.e. of 23,939―1,297―905 and a value of $4,979.44. Actual production is 15,270 lbs. milk, 845 lbs. fat and 581 lbs. protein. She is sired by JX Sunset Canyon Got Maid {5}-ET and appraised Desirable-78%.

“Oreo Ball {6}” kicked off her second lactation delivering a heifer calf by JX Ahlem Frisco Pine {6}-ET. She completed the lactation with 16,520 lbs. milk, 953 lbs. fat and 633 lbs. protein in 257 days and recently left the herd.

Other juniors to earn prizes in Division II of the contest are Andrew McReynolds, Danville, Vt.; Joshua Seals, Tillamook, Ore.; Elizabeth Hyman, Adams, N.Y.; Bryson Josi, Tillamook, Ore.; and Ellie Bollenbacher, Argos, Ind.