USJersey Announces Enhancements for Online Tools

The American Jersey Cattle Association (AJCA) has announced enhancements for a pair of its online services. Version 2 of the Registered Jersey sire selection tool, Bullseye, was released in mid-May. As well, an embryo transfer feature (Embryo Summary) has been added to

Bullseye Version 2 has been updated to better display across devices, including cell phones, and more quickly sort bulls in real time. New features include display options for light and dark modes and an on-site user guide that can also be downloaded as a PDF. Bulls can be sorted using filters for herd register status, polled and beta casein (A1 and A2) status, and a variety of production, type, health, fitness, and fertility traits. They can also be sorted by A.I. organization and A.I. status. Interactive buttons allow users to easily increase or decrease columns displayed on their device.

Bullseye Version 2 can also be downloaded directly into JerseyMate for convenient sorting and selection of sires to be used in the herd mating program.


By default, Bullseye includes all Jersey bulls marketed as Active A.I. Bulls, Foreign Bulls, and Genomically Tested Bulls. Data for Bullseye is updated three times each year with the release of official genetic evaluations from the Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding and AJCA.

Bullseye is available as a link on the website for the Jersey Genetic Summary (aka Green Book). Or it can be found directly here.

The new embryo transfer (ET) feature on allows Jersey breeders to track registration status of ET and in-vitro fertilization (IVF) animals that have been either bought or sold. This tool is available on the infoJersey dashboard using the following breadcrumbs: Services > Embryo > Transfer History. The Embryo Summary dashboard allows users to sort animals owned by the individual or accounts associated with the individual. Additional filters refine a search based on purchase status (purchased or sold), purchase/sale date or recorded date. Information displayed includes the purchase/sale date, transfer date, buyer account and name, seller account and name, dam identification, service sire identification, and embryo type and quantity.

Results can be exported as a CVS file.

The feature was added to help Jersey breeders better manage sales and purchases of ET and IVF animals, which are often registered months or years after a sale has been made.

If you have questions about using either Bullseye Version 2 or the Embryo Summary, contact the AJCA at 614/861-3636.