AJCA and NAJ Directors to be Elected

Eight individuals have been nominated to serve in leadership positions of the national Jersey organizations―seven for the American Jersey Cattle Association and one for the National All-Jersey Inc. Board of Directors. Results of the elections will be announced during the virtual meetings of the associations the last weekend of June.

Ballots will be mailed to active members on Friday, May 22. Electronic voting will open on May 27, 2020, at 8:00 a.m., and close on June 26, 2020, at noon (Eastern Daylight Time).


AJCA President

Jonathan Merriam

Jonathan Merriam, Hickman, Calif., has been nominated for President of the American Jersey Cattle Association (AJCA). He currently is serving his second term as AJCA president.

Merriam grew up on the family dairy farm in Hickman and now works as the genetics specialist at Ahlem Farms Partnership in Hilmar, Calif. The 7,000-cow dairy owned by Carolyn Ahlem, Sabino Ahlem-Herrera and Roger Herrera milks cows on three dairies using several AJCA programs, including REAP and JerseyMate, and JerseyTags for permanent identification. Ahlem Farms Partnership is a charter investor in Project Equity and a contract advertiser with the Jersey Journal. The dairy is also a founder of Hilmar Cheese Company. All three herds have lactation averages over 19,600 lbs. milk and herd average JPIs over +22. The home dairy ranks #16 in the nation for genetic merit with a herd average JPI of +38 on 3,305 cows.

Jonathan was general chair for the 2019 All American and sits on the board of Jerseyland Sires. He was chair of the 2017 All American Jersey Sale and co-chair of the 2016 National Heifer Sale held in San Diego, Calif.

Merriam grew up on 400-cow dairy farm in central California, where he and his family milked 250 Registered Jerseys and 150 grade Holsteins. His grandfather, William Merriam, established the dairy herd with Jerseys in 1929 and added Holsteins in the 1960s, when the creamery required their addition due to public concern about high fat milk.

Jonathan’s interest and understanding of the dairy grew over the years, from his first duties as calf feeder at the age of nine to helping to manage the dairy in high school and junior college. Though he gained experience in all aspects of the dairy, genetics and reproduction are of greatest interest.

As a youth, he was active in 4-H and FFA, where he earned the American FFA Degree. A highlight of his show career was exhibiting Supreme Champion at the California State Fair with a cow bred by James Pappas of Stardust Jerseys. He also exhibited cattle at The All American Junior Jersey Show and helped with the All American Jersey Sale. He placed third in the National Jersey Youth Achievement Contest.

As he became more involved with dairying, Jonathan met many people who influenced his growth with the Jerseys, including the late AJCC Master Breeders Phil Fanelli and James Pappas and AJCC Distinguished Service Award recipient Richard Clauss, who encouraged his involvement in Jersey activities and taught him breed advantages. He was also mentored by several late AJCC staff members, including Executive Secretary James Cavanaugh, Fred Stout and Allen Meyer.

Jonathan has an associate’s degree in dairy science from Modesto Junior College. He graduated from California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo with a major in dairy science and a minor in agriculture business. He also received a master’s degree in dairy genetics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

At Cal Poly, he was president of the Los Lecheros Dairy Club and editor of the dairy science yearbook. He was third-high individual in reasons at the intercollegiate dairy judging contest held at World Dairy Expo.

After the family dairy partnership was dissolved and the herd sold, Merriam worked in the A.I. industry, in bull procurement for Golden Genes. He also managed the nine-month vocational dairy herd management program at Utah State University, was a county dairy extension specialist and taught high school agriculture science.

Merriam was selected for the California Agriculture Leadership program, a two-year leadership program with extensive training in leadership areas of health, communication and politics. The program included a week-long trip to Washington D.C. to meet with politicians to discuss agriculture issues and a three-week excursion to India and Nepal to share agricultural knowledge and experience with third-world countries.

Jonathan has served on the Hickman School Board, an elected position, for nearly 20 years, serving as president three times, gaining experience and understanding in all aspects of public education, government regulations, negotiations, and staff evaluations. He helps coach the FFA dairy judging team, is a 4-H dairy project leader and volunteers to serve community through church and other civic opportunities.

Jonathan and his wife, Becca, have four children. Kathryn, 22, is a graduate of Brigham Young University-Idaho, where she earned a degree in English and is writing novels. Reva, 21, is working as an emergency medical technician. Grace, 18, is a Certified Nursing Assistant and is a freshman nursing student. Nathan, 17, attends Hughson High School and is involved with FFA. Kathryn, Reva, Grace, and Nathan have all received their state FFA degrees. Nathan attended the 2019 Jersey Youth Academy and plans to attend Spartan College in Tulsa, Okla.

AJCA Director Nominee – Second District

Rebecca Ferry

Rebecca “Becky” Ferry, Johnstown, N.Y., has been nominated to serve as Director from the Second District of the American Jersey Cattle Association (AJCA).

Becky owns and operates Dreamroad Jerseys LLC with her sister, Sandra Scott, in Johnstown. The two earned the AJCA Young Jersey Breeder award in 2013 and assumed ownership of the 300-acre farm in 2016 from their parents, who purchased it in 1990. Dreamroad Jerseys was a tour stop during the AJCA-National All-Jersey Inc. Annual Meetings in 2019.

The 80-cow herd is enrolled on REAP. It has a 2019 lactation average (m.e.) of 17,530 lbs. milk 896 lbs. fat and 669 lbs. protein. With the December 2019 herd appraisal, the herd includes 23 Excellent and 50 Very Good cows and has a herd average of 86.7%. Dreamroad Jerseys is a contract advertiser in the Jersey Journal.

Becky, a third-generation Jersey breeder, was born and raised on the farm and got her first calf at the age of three. Descendants of the heifer are in the herd today, many appraised Excellent. A granddaughter, Dreamroad Lester Carly, twice appraised Excellent-95%, lived to be almost 20 years old and placed in the AJCA Leading Living Lifetime Production Contest several times.

At an early age, Becky became involved with the farm, doing chores alongside her sister and parents, showing and joining 4-H.

When she was nine, Becky was involved in a farm accident in which she lost her legs and incurred spinal fusion of her back. Her first question to her father upon waking in the hospital, “Can I show my cows?” Though the doctors weren’t certain, Becky was. Eighteen months after her accident, she showed a very special cow, Cowbell Royal Cassidy, Excellent-94%, in The All American Jersey Show. “Cassidy” was not just inspiration and best friend to Becky. She brought happiness to the entire family, who had been through a lot. A champion in and out of the ring, “Cassidy” earned purple banners at county, regional and state shows and walked the green shavings in Louisville many times in the open and junior shows and the National Jersey Jug Futurity. As a fall calf, she placed fourth and as a four-year-old, she stood sixth at The All American Jersey Show.

Becky has developed the “Cassidy” cow family at Dreamroad Jerseys as well. She is the first in a line that now includes third-generation Excellents, several 94-point cows and an Excellent-96% granddaughter, Dreamroad TBone Clumsy. Becky also consigned a granddaughter to the All American Jersey Sale.

Becky earned an agricultural business degree from State University of New York-Morrisville and a finance degree with an agricultural business specialization from Cornell University. She worked as a farm loan officer for the Farm Service Agency for 15 years. In that capacity, she worked with many different farmers, gaining a broader perspective about agriculture. Becky has also worked for a capital investment company that leased acreage to organic farmers. She is now on the home farm, responsible for merchandising, financials and crops.

As a youth, Becky was very involved with Jersey programs. She won the National Jersey Youth Achievement Contest in 2002 and served as a junior member on the planning committee for The All American. She was crowned as the New York Jersey Queen and held offices in the state junior Jersey club.

She is a former co-secretary and vice president for the New York Jersey Cattle Club and served on several committees as well. She has co-chaired the New York State Sale Committee and the committee for the AJCA-NAJ Annual Meetings hosted by the state in 2019. Dreamroad Jerseys also regularly consigns and purchases animals from the National Heifer Sale, the All American Jersey Sale and the New York State Sale.

AJCA Director Nominee – Second District

Gary B. Moore

Gary B. Moore, Greenwich, N.Y., has been nominated to serve as Director from the Second District of the American Jersey Cattle Association (AJCA).

Moore has been breeding Registered Jerseys for more than four decades. Today he owns and operates DGM Jerseys with his wife, Debbie, in Greenwich, near the Vermont border.

As well, Gary has worked for Cargill Animal Nutrition for the past 31 years, the last 15 as a calf and heifer specialist. The Moores have continued to farm and milk cows to enable his son and daughter-in-law, Doug and Janelle, and their children to dairy.

The Moores milk a mixed-breed herd (Jerseys and Holsteins) of 45 cows. The Jersey herd is enrolled on REAP and has a 2019 lactation average (m.e.) of 21,649 lbs. milk, 1,047 lbs. fat and 745 lbs. protein on nine cows. With the herd appraisal in December 2019, the herd includes four Excellent and 13 Very Good cows and has an appraisal average of 86.9%.

Gary grew up on a dairy farm in Vermont that milked a few Jerseys until he was in the fifth grade. He earned a degree in animal science and dairy technology from the University of Vermont. Among his classes were several for dairy product processing.

After graduation, he worked for Col. H. G. Wilde and Marjorie Field Wilde at High Lawn Farm in Lee, Mass. From there, he went to Fair Weather Farm in New Lebanon, N.Y., where he worked closely with the late Stanley Chittenden and the Chittenden family.

Gary established his own herd within the herd at Fair Weather Farm and struck out on his own on a rented farm in West Rutland, Vt., in 1978. He purchased the present 117-acre farm in Greenwich with Chittenden’s guidance in 1981.

Moore received the AJCC Young Jersey Breeder award in 1984. He sold the bulk of the herd in the late 1980s to begin his career with Cargill, but retained a few Jerseys owned by his sons and made subsequent foundation purchases to re-establish the herd.

Moore has been a strong supporter of sales managed by Jersey Marketing Service. Most recently, he made purchases from the Northeast Jersey Classic and Breeder’s Sale, the National Heifer Sale and The All American Jersey Sale in 2018 and the National Heifer Sale a year earlier. On the consignment side, the Moores recently sold Dutch Hollow Chrome Carolina, out of their National Heifer Sale purchase, to the partnership of Crestbrooke and Lost Elm, Fond du Lac, Wis., for $10,250 in the Rockin’ at Retso Holsteins Tag Sale in Schodack Landing, N.Y., in April 2020.

Gary’s employment with Cargill has enabled him to work with dairy producers across the country using a wide range of management styles. Among his Jersey clients are some the country’s leading herds for production and genetic merit. Gary was the calf raising presenter for the recent webinars developed by National All-Jersey Inc. to help Jersey producers manage their rations for better health and improved profitability.

Gary believes the Jersey breed needs to continue to improve strong cow families, but also keep an open mind in developing the next generation of Jerseys the dairy industry will need. His desire is to sustain Jersey advantages in the production of components that are compensated for their true value while also keeping profitable cows in the herd longer.

He looks forward to having opportunity to serve as a Director to give back to the Jersey folks who guided and friended him over the years and to continue to learn from the people he represents and serves.

Together, Gary and Debbie, a retired nutritionist, enjoy their family of six adult children and four grandchildren.

AJCA Director Nominee – Sixth District

Karen Bohnert

Karen Bohnert, East Moline, Ill., has been nominated to serve as Director from the Sixth District of the American Jersey Cattle Association (AJCA). She was first elected to the position in 2017 and has served on the Finance and Development Committees.

Karen and her husband, Scott, and his brother, Brian, and their parents, Jim and Wanda, own and operate Bohnert Jerseys, a 500-cow Registered Jersey dairy in East Moline. The family also raises corn, soybeans and wheat on 1,300 acres. Bohnert Jerseys is enrolled on REAP and has a ranked nationally among similar-sized herds each of the past 10 years. The 2019 AJCA actual herd average of 18,135 lbs. milk, 933 lbs. fat and 674 lbs. protein ranks 10th for milk among herds with 300-749 cows. The dairy also ranks among the top 75 herds in the country for genetic merit with a herd average JPI of +22.

Bohnert’s life has taken a turn east since growing up on her family’s 100-cow Holstein dairy in Bend, Ore., and graduating from Oregon State University with a bachelor’s degree in agricultural economics and a minor in writing. While in college, she was a member of the dairy and livestock judging teams and interned for World Wide Sires in Visalia, Calif.

After launching her career two decades ago, first with the AJCA as an assistant editor for the Jersey Journal and then with AgSource/Cooperative Resources International and Swiss Valley Farms, she is now where she dreamed she would be.

She works from her home as a self-employed dairy freelance communication consultant for several dairy organizations. Her communication roles cover a broad range of areas, including writing, social media and public speaking. She is mostly known for her monthly “Around the Kitchen Table” column in Hoard’s Dairyman.

Genetics, cow comfort, feed quality and management consistency are business cornerstones for the Bohnert family, who have been recognized as recipients of the National Dairy Shrine Progressive Dairy Award. As well, Scott and Brian have been honored with the AJCA Young Jersey Breeder award.

The Bohnert family began shipping milk in 1989 with a few Jersey cows they purchased from the local sale barn, triggering their 4-H project and outlining Scott and Brian’s future as dairy producers. Bohnerts have always strived to breed for good type, while achieving high production and quality standards from their Jersey cattle. Their milk is shipped to Brewster Cheese, the nation’s largest producer of Swiss cheese.

Bohnert Jerseys routinely consigns animals to leading sales, including the National Heifer Sale and the Pot O’Gold Sale.

Bohnert is a member and past chair of the All American Junior Jersey Show Committee and currently serves as president of the Illinois Junior Jersey Cattle Club. She sits on the agricultural social advisory board of her local Farm Bureau and was named a 2015 honoree of the 40 Under 40 award given by Farm Journal Media for her work and dedication towards sustainability.

In addition to her involvement in the agriculture industry, Karen is actively involved with her local church, Christ the King, teaching religious education classes.

Scott and Karen live and work on the family farm with their three children: Tyler, 16; Cassie, 14; and Jacob, 9. Karen’s role at Bohnerts Jerseys has grown over the years. Today, her primary focus is farm finances, cow genomic reports and communication efforts.

Karen credits the little brown cow to launching her personal and professional life. She hopes to illustrate to her children and other Jersey youth the importance of stepping up with leadership involvement, especially in areas of which they are most passionate, by serving in this director role with the AJCA. She feels that, with her strong communications background and open-mindedness, she can help move the breed forward with innovative ideas.

AJCA Director Nominee – Eighth District

Tim Klaustermeier

Tim Klaustermeier, Glencoe, Minn., has been nominated to serve as Director from the Eighth District of the American Jersey Cattle Association (AJCA).

Tim established Prairie Harbour Jerseys in Glencoe in May 2000. He uses Jersey genetics from the U.S., Canada, Denmark, Australia and New Zealand in the breeding program, with a focus on improving longevity, fertility, health and pounds of protein.

Registered Jerseys have also been developed in partnership with the Chris Sukalski Family as Reiland Prairie and Robert Boltman of Harmony Corners as Harmony Harbour to capitalize on merchandising opportunities. The 37-cow Prairie Harbour herd and partnership animals are enrolled on REAP and milked at Reiland Farms in Leroy, Minn. The combined herds have an April 2020 rolling herd average of 21,360 lbs. milk, 1,078 lbs. fat and 759 lbs. protein on 46 cows. Reiland Prairie animals are included in the Stephanie, Joseph and Kenric Sukalski herd, which ranks seventh in the nation for actual milk production among herds with 10-39 cows, with a herd average of 20,447 lbs. milk, 995 lbs. fat and 712 lbs. protein on 26 cows.

With the latest appraisal, the Prairie Harbour herd includes six Excellent and 10 Very Good cows and has an appraisal average of 85.9%. The highest-scored cow is Harmony Corners Gracie, Excellent-94%. Prairie Harbour Academy Belle-ET is appraised Excellent-93%.

Prairie Harbour Jerseys has sent 35 bulls to A.I. sampling programs and bred or developed 13 cows that have ranked among the top 1.5% for genetic merit. Six have ranked on the list of the Top 200 Females for JPI or GJPI, including Unique Jace Belle-ET, Excellent-90%, a member of the Duncan Belle cow family who also ranked as Canada’s #1 cow for Lifetime Profit Index in August 2013.

Another production and genetic standout is Prairie Harbour Legion Jopai, Excellent-90%, winner of the 2009 President’s Trophy. She won the award with a 4-4 record of 1,433 lbs. protein on an m.e. basis. Actual production is 34,630 lbs. milk, 1,713 lbs. fat and 1,369 lbs. protein.

Klaustermeier served on the All American Jersey Sale Committee from 2003-2006 and has been a sale sponsor as well. He consigned animals to the all-donation National Heifer Sales in 2005 and 2011 for the benefit of the AJCC Research Foundation and national Jersey youth fund, respectively. Prairie Harbour Jerseys also sponsors a high protein award at the Jersey show held during the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.

Tim serves on the board of the Minnesota Jersey Cattle Club and sat on the executive board of the Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council. He attended the Jersey Technology Conference hosted by Brentwood Farms in Orland, Calif., in 2009.

Klaustermeier was general manager of Full Circle Jerseys of Dalhart, Texas, from 2006-2009. He helped the dairy design and construct facilities, develop budgets and standard operating procedures and source more than 3,000 Jersey cattle.

Before he milked cows for a living, Tim had a successful 15-year career in the swine industry. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, he was manager of the New Hampton Swine Test Station in New Hampton, Iowa, and then the Minnesota Swine Test Station in New Ulm, Minn. He wrapped up the career in technical support for Super Sweet Feeds as swine project manager for a five-state area.

He served the swine industry as director of the National Swine Improvement Federation from 1991-1993, helping to establish the initial guidelines for the industry’s ultrasound protocol.

Klaustermeier will bring diverse agriculture experience to the board through his work in the dairy and swine industries over the past four decades. He hopes his insight of the swine industry, which was comprised largely of registered stock breeders in the 1970s and is now nearly extinct due to vertical integration, will help the Jersey breed bring in additional people and expand its market to remain viable three, six and 20 years from now.

AJCA Director Nominee- Eighth District

John Maxwell

John Maxwell, Donahue, Iowa, has been nominated to serve as Director of the Eighth District of the American Jersey Cattle Association (AJCA).

Maxwell is a fifth-generation dairy farmer who owns and operates Cinnamon Ridge Dairy with his family in Scott County. The home farm on which he grew up was designated as a Century Farm in 2010.

Cinnamon Ridge Dairy is enrolled on REAP and a contract advertiser with the Jersey Journal. The 185-cow herd ranks first in the nation for milk, protein and cheese yield on an actual and m.e. basis with respective averages for 2019 of 23,710 lbs. milk, 1,119 lbs. fat, 899 lbs. protein and 3,002 lbs. cheese yield and 26,768 lbs. milk, 1,254 lbs. fat, 1,014 lbs. protein and 3,378 lbs. cheese yield. Four members of the milking string produced 305-day records ranked among the top 10 in the nation for milk, protein or cheese yield for 2019. The fully genotyped herd ranks among the top 25% in the nation for genetic merit with a herd average JPI of +16 (April 2020) on 256 cows.

John graduated from the University of Iowa in 1984. He purchased acreage and established Cinnamon Ridge Dairy in 1989. He started the dairy with construction of a 40-cow tie stall barn and grew and developed the facilities over the years. His daughter, Amy, returned to the farm in 2012 after she graduated from college and the Maxwells began milking cows with four Lely robots.

Today the farm also raises Jersey beef steers and a cow-calf beef herd and operates a wean-to-finish hog operation and corn and soybean rotation. Since xxxx, Cinnamon Ridge Dairy has been making cheese on the farm as well, a venture now managed by John’s brother, Edwin.

In 1997, John was named National Outstanding Young Farmer. This prompted a proposal from John Deere for farm tours to highlight equipment and practices. The agri-tourism business has grown to the point where Cinnamon Ridge now hosts more than 7,000 visitors each year—3,000 international farmers, 1,500 domestic farmers and 2,500 school age children. Tours for international guests often include a meal and live band.

Tours aim to educate visitors on practices of a modern dairy and row crop operation. Cinnamon Ridge has hosted agricultural events, such as farm-to-table dinners and lunch-on-the-farm, and been a campaign stop for political candidates.

Cinnamon Ridge also sells goods in an on-farm store, including cheese, beef, pork, eggs and baked goods.

John received the AJCA Young Jersey Breeder Award in 1997 and won the state soybean yield contest in 1993. More recently, Maxwell was honored with the Iowa Ag Leader Award in Education and Promotion (2016), the Iowa Farm Environmental Award (2017), the U.S. Dairy Sustainability Award (2019) and the Soil Health Partnership Exceptional Educator Award (2019). Cinnamon Ridge Dairy was a virtual farm tour during World Dairy Expo in 2013.

John currently is dairy superintendent of the Mississippi Valley Fair. He is supervisor for Scott County and fire commissioner for the Donahue Volunteer Fire Department. He sits boards for the Emergency Management Association and North Scott School, which he also served as president.

He is a past president of DHIA and the Outstanding Young Farmers Organization and sat on boards for Dairyland Jersey Sires Inc., the Iowa State University Extension Council and River Valley Cooperative. He served the River Development Authority, a non-profit organization to review and award monetary grants to service organizations that help the less fortunate, and the United Methodist Church in Eldridge as lay leader and member of the finance and building committees.

John and his wife, Joan, have a family of five adult children and four grandchildren.

John looks forward to working with members he represents to unify opinions, needs and values, to develop cohesive association programs and services that meet the needs of all while also advancing the Jersey breed.

AJCA Director Nominee – Eleventh District

Cornell Kasbergen

Cornell Kasbergen, Tulare, Calif., has been nominated to serve as Director from the Eleventh District of the American Jersey Cattle Association (AJCA).

Kasbergen and his wife, Teri, and son and daughter-in-law, Case and Allison, own and operate Rancho Teresita Dairy in Tulare. Also known as Kash-In Jerseys, the dairy consists of 1,800 acres of farmland, 3,600 Jerseys and 1,400 Holsteins.

The herd is enrolled on REAP and has a 2019 lactation average (m.e.) of 21,283 lbs. milk, 1,061 lbs. fat and 815 lbs. protein on 1,836 cows. Actual production is 19,641 lbs. milk, 982 lbs. fat and 749 lbs. protein. With the April 2020 genetic evaluations, 30 heifers rank on the list of the Top 500 Females for GJPI. Rancho Teresita Dairy is home to 139 Excellent cows; most are homebred.

Kasbergen’s journey in the dairy industry began at a young age growing up on his family’s dairy farm in southern California. His endeavor with Jerseys began in March 2011 with the purchase of a tremendous genetic foundation, the Jars of Clay herd from the Quist family of Fresno, Calif. Kasbergen enrolled the herd in REAP from the onset and undertook an extensive in-vitro fertilization (IVF) program using the Quist cattle and several key purchases from Brentwood Farms of Orland, Calif. Initially, cows were flushed at the Trans Ova facility in Iowa, but now are flushed at a satellite facility established at Rancho Teresita.

The IVF program helped the Kasbergens build a superior genetic base from which to market Registered Jersey genetics. Kash-In Jerseys has sent more than 30 bulls to A.I. organizations, including Kash-In Slugger-P-ET who was syndicated at The All American Jersey Sale in 2015 for $120,000, a breed record for bulls at the time. “Slugger-P” currently ranks #41 among Active A.I. bulls with a GJPI of +90. Another Kasbergen-bred bull, JX Kash-In Got Jiggy {6}, is the breed’s former #1 G-code bull and currently ranks #2 with a GJPI of +144.

Kash-In has also consigned high selling females to sales managed by Jersey Marketing Service. Their consignment to the 2013 All American Jersey Sale, Kash-In Fastrack 40806-P, was the high-selling female, struck off for $35,000 to River Valley Farm, Tremont, Ill.

Kash-In has enjoyed success in state and national show rings as well. In 2018, the Kasbergens exhibited River Valley Excitation Flawless-ET at the International Jersey Show and The All American Jersey Show, where she earned top honors as a milking yearling in both rings. Kash-In received All American honors in 2018 and 2019 as well with Billings Impression Backstage-ET (junior three-year-old) and Norse Star Balin Layla (junior two-year-old), respectively.

The Kasbergens hosted the Kash-In on Valentine’s Day sale in February 2018 to offer some of their best genetics and show animals, along with elite individuals from guest consignors. With an average of $12,545.08 on 61 Jersey lots, the sale was the second high-averaging sale for the year and now ranks as fourth high in breed history. A highlight was the sale of “Flawless” to Misty Meadow Dairy of Tillamook, Ore., for $169,000. Recently she was tapped Reserve National Grand Champion for her new owners.

Another sale highlight was the syndication of “JX Got Jiggy {6}” for $100,000. His grandam, BW Jace Jenny, was an early purchase from Brentwood Farms in 2011.

Kasbergen chairs the Milk Producers Council and recently completed 22 years of service on the Land O’Lakes board. He also chaired the audit committee for Land O’Lakes and represented the organization on the National Milk Producers Federation board. He served on other boards as well, including Southern Counties DHIA, Tulare DHIA and Valley Milk LLC. He was a member of the dairy committee for the Agriculture Council of California and the milk producer review board for the California Department of Food and Agriculture. He served on the California Dairy Environmental Justice Fund and the Tulare County Environmental Health Committee.

Cornell has experienced the Jersey cow’s tremendous efficiency first-hand and believes her future and that of her association looks bright. He hopes his lifetime of dairy industry experience will be an asset to the AJCA board and its membership.

NAJ Director Nominee – District 5

James S. Huffard III

James S. Huffard III, Crockett, Va., has been nominated to serve as District 5 Director for National All-Jersey Inc. (NAJ). He is currently serving his fourth term as director and is also vice president of the organization.

As a partner with his son, Trey, and brother, John, in Huffard Dairy Farms, Jim has a wealth of experience in the Jersey business. After graduating in dairy science from Virginia Tech, he returned to the home farm and assumed the responsibilities for the livestock and general manager.

Jim and John bottle milk from the herd at Duchess Dairy in Rural Retreat. The dairy has been a Queen of Quality® producer since January 2010 and now distributes All-Jersey milk to grocery and convenience stores across southern Virginia, eastern Tennessee and West Virginia.

Huffard Dairy Farms is home to Schultz Jerseys. Through the years, the herd has increased from 90 cows to over 400 cows. The herd consistently ranks in the top 10 for milk, fat and protein for its respective herd size. The 2019 American Jersey Cattle Association (AJCA) lactation average (m.e.) is 20,461 lbs. milk, 971 lbs. fat and 756 lbs. protein on 233 lactations. The measures rank 10th for milk and protein among herds with 150-299 cows. The herd ranks among the top 25% in the nation for JPI with an average index of +16 on 323 cows.

Huffard Dairy Farm participates in REAP and marked 35 years of continuous contributions to Project Equity in 2015. The farm is a contract advertiser in the Jersey Journal and maintains a website on JerseySites.

Huffard served as president of the AJCA from 2001-2004 and was a member of the organization’s board of directors (1988-1994). Currently he serves on the Investment Advisory Committee and is technical advisor to the Type Advisory Committee. He also sits on the AJCC Research Foundation Committee and has chaired the Performance Committee and the Vision 21 Committee.

Jim was instrumental in the formation of Dixieland Jersey Sires Inc. He was a charter board member and twice served the organization as president. He was instrumental in obtaining protein payments for Jersey milk in his area by working closely with the milk marketing cooperative. Upon the cooperative’s merger to form Dairy Farmers of America, the protein premium has been continued and expanded to other Jersey producers in the Southeast.

Huffard is past president of the Virginia Jersey Cattle Club and has served in every office of this organization. He sits on the board of National Dairy Shrine, which named him Distinguished Dairy Cattle Breeder in 2012.

Jim received the AJCA Young Jersey Dairyman Award in 1982 and the Master Breeder Award in 2008. He also received the Jaycees Outstanding Young Farmer Award in 1983; the William M. Etgen Outstanding Young Alumnus Award from Virginia Tech in 1986; and the W. Ray Murley Award as Virginia’s Distinguished Dairyman in 1997, the first non-Holstein breeder to receive this recognition.

Jim has three children, Shai, Jenna and James IV (Trey). He is an active member of Grace Lutheran Church. Jim served on the Wythe County Planning Commission for 26 years and chaired the commission for 14 years. In addition, Jim is owner of Rationale Inc.

Jim will bring a wide range of knowledge tempered with practical experience to the position. His willingness to offer advice and assistance in many different fields, from milk marketing to genetics and his fresh ideas and cooperative spirit are valuable tools with which to serve the organization.

Election Details

All active members shown on the membership books of the Association on the date 50 days prior to the Annual Meeting (May 8, 2020) are eligible to vote for AJCA President and Directors. Persons eligible to vote for NAJ Directors (by district) are producer members, those who pay fees as established by the Board of Directors, and honorary members shown on the membership records of the corporation 60 days prior to the the Annual Meeting (April 29, 2020).

To vote electronically, you must have a unique email on file with the AJCA.