Jersey Kitchen Introduced!

The Jersey Journal staff is excited to announce the release of the Jersey Kitchen.

The Jersey Kitchen is a resource for dairy-lovers. It features recipes that family, friends, young, and young-at-heart alike will rave about. There is a common theme here: dairy products. Lots of them. Milk, cheese, cream cheese, butter, yogurt, sour cream, and other dairy products are the stars of these recipes.

So, if you love cooking and baking, supporting the industry, or, use your own valued-added products, the Jersey Kitchen is for you.

Cooking not your thing? You’ll still find this resource useful. It’s packed with tasty, nutritious, easy-to-make meals when you’re strapped for time, need a last-minute idea, or pursue passions outside the kitchen.

Have a Recipe to Share?

The Jersey Kitchen was established with recipes shared by employees. But, the plan is to include submissions from Jersey breeders, members and dairy associates around the world as well.  We would love to publish your favorite recipe too. Just send us an email and include “Jersey Kitchen” in the subject line.

We are always on the scout for family recipes passed down through the generations, Pinterest finds that have been given their own special twist, and original creations. Recipes of all kinds are needed to develop an online resource where people can find tried-and-true and something new.

Looking for Something Specific?

If you have a specific recipe request, please send us an email and we will do our best to find a recipe that matches your request.

Visit the Jersey Kitchen today to view some of the impressive submissions we’ve received thus far and plan your next meal!